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THE BLIND DOG - Class 7th First Language English Textbook Solutions

– R.K.Narayan
C.) Speaking and Writing :           
Take turns with your partner to ask or answer these questions. Tell him/her why you think your answer is correct. Quote from the text where necessary. Write down your answers.

1.) The dog had scars and a mutilated tail because it was timid. (True/Not True)

Answer: NotTrue.
2.) The last two sentences in paragraph one say that the dog led a carefree life. (True/Not True)

Answer: True.
3.) The dog was a beautiful creature. (True/Not True) (see Paragraph 3)

Answer: True.
4.) The blind beggar’s alms increased because all the passers – by …………………. (complete this sentence)
Answer: The blind beggar’s alms increased because all the passers – bymust give a coin and whoever went away without dropping a coin was chased by the dog.
5.) The village urchin came to the market place to just do his business. (True/Not True)

Answer: Not true.
6.) Why did the dog chase the boy out of the market ?

Answer: The dog chased the boy out of the market because he was stealing money from the old man’s bowl.
7.) How did the dog become the blind man’s “prisoner”?

Answer: When the old woman died and there was no one to take care of her then the ribbon vendor suggested to tie the dog with ribbon and let him lead you and the ribbon vendor gave the ribbon free of cost. Thus, the life of dog turned as prisoner. He lost his freedom.
8.) How did the dog’s life change?
Answer: When the dog was seeing his friends or foes then he was instinctively sprung up, tugging the string and this invariably got a kick from his master. In few days dog learnt discipline. He lost contact with his fellow creatures.
9.) “The beggar’s alms increased threefold.” (True/Not True) (Scan paragraph ten and find the answer.)
10.) Why did the vendors hold a conference among themselves? How did it end?
Answer: The ribbon-seller, the novel vendor and the perfumer were seeing the blind man daily. One day they had conference among themselves. The ribbon seller said that the blind man using poor dog as a slave and we should do something about it. The Perfumer said, the blind man lending money for interest and he heard it from fruit seller. Blind man become devil for money. This conference ended when the perfumer’s eyes caught the scissors dangling from the ribbon-rack.
11.) The beggar named his dog “Tiger.” What is ironical about this?
Answer: The beggar named his dog “Tiger” and the ironical about this is the Tiger was not having any freedom, he was tied up to the ribbon and the blind man was holding it all the time. Even though Tigers sees his friends or foes he is not allowed to react naturally.
12.) How did the dog return to his doom?
Answer: When the perfume vendor cut the ribbon the dog ran away with top speed like he was missing these days of freedom. He nosed about the ditches happily and hurled himself on the other dogs, he ran round and round the fountain and in the square market it barked. His eyes were sparkling with joy. The dog went back to his favourite haunts and hung about the butcher’s shop, the tea stall and the bakery. But after roaming all around he returned to is doom.
13.) Why is this story titled “The Blind Dog”?
Answer: The blind man and the dog came together and became friend of each other then the blind man became greedy and started to exploiting dog by roaming too much begging and thus the dog lost his freedom. Even though dog was having eyes he was controlled by the blind man hence the name of the story is “The Blind Dog”.
D.) Use of words
Work with your partner and supply the missing words :
A type of loyal working dogs called Huskey are used by Eskimos to draw sledges. Sledges do not have wheels. They sledge along ice or snow on metal blades. Eskimos use these carts for transportation in the snowy region where they live. A train of dogs will be harnessed to a sledge, some five to six pairs of dogs in a line.
We use modals to express our feelings and thoughts. Look at the expressions of feelings and thoughts given below. Choose the appropriate expression and write it in each blank:
(preference, impossibility, self-compulsion, request, possibility, assumption, likelihood, prohibition, no other explanation possible, ability, challenge, estimation, necessity)

i) It will fall down if you keep it there. (possibility)
ii) Could I use your pen for a moment? (Request)
iii) It is going to rain this evening. (Possibility)
iv) I would rather take a rickshaw to the station. It is late. (Preference)
v) She must be still in her office working late this evening. (Likelihood)
vi) This temple must be at least 500 years old. (Estimation)
vii) Don’t worry, he can very well look after himself. (Ability)
viii) You shall not speak to me like this again. (Prohibition)
ix) How dare you say a thing like this? (Challange)
x) I must finish this work today itself. (Self-compulsion)
xi) Look at that old man toiling in the sun. Looks very old. Must be at least eighty. (Necessity)
xii) In our hostel we must switch off the lights at 10 p.m. (Compulsion)
xiii) She can’t be as ill as all that. She is pretending. (Impossibility)
F.) Glossary : dog : kennel : : pig : sty
physics : physicist : : physiology : Physiologist
music : Musician : : flute : Flutist
smithy : Gold : : tannery : Leather
college : Principal : : school : headmaster
State : citizen : : democracy : People
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