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TENALI RAMA - Class 8th Third Language English Textbook Solutions


A.) Dictionary work/spelling :
In each of the following group of words only one word is correctly spelt. Find the correct word and check the spelling from your dictionary. Share your answer with your partner.

1) shelter, shaltar, shalltar
2) suddan, sudden, suddin
3) fargive, forgive, fargeve
4) oportunity, oppartunity, opportunity
5) cought, caught, caugt
B.) Write the opposites of the following – Choose the words from the box and write them appropriately in the blanks-

1)far X near
2) behind X front
3) presence X absence
4) hard X soft
5) arrive X depart
6) forget X remember

A.) Answer the following questions in a word, a phrase or a sentence each:
1) Who came to Tenali Rama’s house one day?

Answer: A stranger came to Tenali Rama’s house one day.
2) What did he ask for?
Answer:  He asked for shelter for two days.
3) Why did he want to stay there?
Answer: He wanted to kill King Krishnadevaraya so he wanted to stay there.
4) Who wrote the letter to the king?
Answer: The stranger wrote the letter to the king.
5) How did Tenali Rama express his wish to die?

Answer: Tenali Rama expressed his wish to die by getting old.
Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each:

1) What did the stranger request Tenali Rama?

Answer: The stranger requested Tenali Rama to give him shelter for two day at his place. He was also very tired.
2) What did the stranger write in the letter?
Answer: The stranger wrote in the letter that Tenali Rama’s wife was ill and she needed immediate medical help.
3) Why did the king become angry with Tenali Rama?
Answer: When the king came to know that the stranger who tried to kill him was staying at Tenali Rama. He became angry because Tenali without even knowing him gave him the shelter.
C.) Read the following extracts taken from the lesson and answer the questions that follow:

1) “ It is because of you that an attempt was made to kill me.”

a) Who does ‘me’ refer to?

Answer: ‘Me’ refers to the king, Krishnadevaraya.
b) Who made an attempt to kill the king?
Answer: The stranger who stayed at Tenali Rama’s house made an attempt to kill the king.
c) Who does ‘you’ refer to?
Answer: ‘You’ refers to Tenali Rama.
2) “How could an intelligent man like you make such a grave mistake?”

a) Who asked this question?

Answer: This question was asked by the King Krishnadevaraya.
b) Who was this intelligent man here?
Answer: Tenali Rama was the intelligent man here.
c) What was the grave mistake?
Answer: The mistake was that Tenali had allowed a stranger to stay at his place without knowing his intention.
Fill in the blanks choosing appropriate prepositions given in brackets:

1) The king was sitting on the throne
2) He was hiding himself behind the main door
3) His mission was to kill the king
4) Rohini went to the market with her mother
5) Father began to shout at Rama
6) I come from a far off village
B.) The words in the following sentences are mixed up. Rearrange them into meaningful sentences:

Example: to king/a / sent/He/letter/ the
He sent a letter to the king

1) had /to/He/ bag/ his/take/forgotten

Answer: He had forgotten to take his bag.
2) did/utter/He/word/a/not
Answer: He did not utter a word.
3) big/gathered/A/outside/house/his/crowd
Answer: A big crowd gathered outside his house.
4) not/say/word/a/did/He
Answer: He did not say a word.
5) kites/have/They/beautiful/made
Answer: They have made beautiful kites.
Frame questions to get the underlined words as answers: Use what, where, whose, why
Example: The king sat in his chariot Where did the king sit ?

1) Tenali Rama’s wife was ill

Que : Who’s wife was ill?
2) The stranger was hiding behind the main door
Que : Where was the stranger hiding?
3) She asked for a glass of water

Que : What did she ask for?
4) My bag is on the book case
Que: Where is my bag?
5) He went to market to buy some fruits
Que: Why did she go to market?
B.) Word game—word making (Group work)
Make as many words as possible from the following words. One example is given for you-
TEACHER:- teach, her, tear, tea, reach,ache, cheat etc….

– tiny, unity, out, point, output, turn, root, tour, pity, poor, run, rot, on
2.) NEIGHBOUR –    region, rough, bring, bore, hero, heir, hug, hob, gun
3.) TREATMENT –     name, treat, men, eat, ate, name, rent, enter, eaten, meter

A.) Read the following story and answer the questions given below:
Answer the following questions:

1) Who asked the courtiers a question?

Answer: Akbar asked the courtiers a question.
2) What was the question?
Answer: Akbar asked what is the thing that travels fastest in the world.
3) What were the different answers given by the courtiers?
Answer: One of the courtiers answered saying that it was the bullock cart that travels fastest, another one said wind, yet another said light.
4) What was Birbal’s answer?

Answer: Birbal answered that it was the thoughts in the mind that travel the fastest.
5) Why was Birbal rewarded?

Answer: Akbar was proud of Birbal’s wisdom so he rewarded him.
B.) Find the answers to these riddles. One is done for you.

1.) What is it that dies when it drinks water?

Ans: fire

2.) It has no wings to fly It has no ladder to climb but it climbs up to the sky
Ans: smoke
3.) It gets beating even if it does not do anything wrong.
Ans: d ___ u ___
4.) It is yours, but people use it more than you use

Ans: name
5.) You see the world with these to windows
Ans: Eyes
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