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Sohrab and Rustum - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 Sohrab and Rustum 

I.) Comprehension questions :

A.) Answer the following questions briefly.

1.) Who was Rustum? Where did he live? report this ad

Answer: Rustum was a great warrior. He lived in Persia.

2.) Who chanced to see Rustum when he went out for a hunt?

Answer: A chieftain of Turan chanced to see Rustum when he went out for a hunt.

3.) Who was Tahminah? Who did she marry?

Answer: Tahminah was the daughter the chieftain of Turan. She married to Rustum.

4.) What made Rustum ride away to his army in Persia?
Answer: Rustum got tired of his idle life so he rode away to his army in Persia.

5.) Why did the king of Persia send for Rustum?
Answer: Turan was at war with Persia. Sohrab’s name became a terror to the Persian army. The king
of Persia sent for Rustum in order to save the honour of his country.

6.) What reply did Sohrab get when he was questioned?
Answer: Sohrab got the reply that why he wanted to know who he was. He further said to Sohrab to either fight or accept defeat.

7.) Why did Sohrab not avail of the chance to kill Rustum?

Answer:  Sohrab didn’t avail of the chance to kill Rustum because his heart didn’t permit it.

8.) What truth did Sohrab reveal when he was in a pool of blood?

Answer: When Sohrab was in a pool of blood, he revealed to Rustum that he was his son and showed him the same seal which he had given to Tahminah.

9.) How did Rustum react when he came to know that he had killed his own son?
Answer: Rustum was in deep sorrow when he came to know that he had killed his own son.

B.) Answer the following questions in four or five sentences.Sit in groups, discuss the answer before writing.

1.) What did Rustum say to his wife before going back to his army?

Answer: Being a warrior, Rustum got tired of his idle life so he went back to Persia to his army. Before going to his army, he said to his wife that if she gives birth to a boy then bind the seal to his arm and send him to Persia. And if she gives birth to a girl, then just put the seal on her neck with a chain and send him the news.

2.) What did Tahminah say to herself when a son was born of her?

Answer: Tahminah gave birth to a lovely son. She said to herself that if she her husband came to know that she was blessed with a son, he would take him away with him. He might want his son to be
a great warrior like him. She though how could she live without her son by her side. She didn’t want to
lose her son at any cost.

3.) What did sohrab think of doing in order to meet his father Rustum?
Answer: Even since Sohrab’s birth, he never saw his father but heard of his great fame. He wanted to see him. Turan was at war with Persia. Then he thought to invite the foremost of the Persian heroes to fight a single combat with him. Being a great warrior, Rustum will be send to save his country and it will be then that he would tell that he was his son.

4.) What made Sohrab drop the covering shield?
Answer: The two heroes fought fiercely for three days. The first stage of the fighting ended in Sohrab’s favour. This made Rustum very angry. In his great rage, Rustum shouted his name and it was then, Sohrab heard the name of his father and dropped the covering shield.

5.) How did Rustum come to know that Sohrab was his son?

Answer: When Sohrab was in the pool of blood, then he revealed that he was his son. He told that it was his mother, Tahminah who told that she was born of a girl. It was because she didn’t want to lose her son. When Rustum drew near the arm of Sohrab and looked closely at the seal, then he came to know that it was the same seal that he gave to Tahminah. But unfortunately, Sohrab died and Rustum was left in deep sorrow.

C.) Read the following statements and answer the questions that follow:

1.) “If you beget a son, bind this seal to his arm and send him to me”

a.) Who said these words?

Answer: Rustum said these words. 
b.) Who were these spoken to?
Answer: These words were spoken to his wife, Tahminah. 
c.) Why did he say so?
Answer: Because he wanted his son to be a great warrior just like him.

2.) “Are you not Rustum?”

a.) Who said this? 
Answer: Sohrab said this. 
b.) Who was it said to?
Answer: It was said to Rustum. 
c.) Who was Rustum?
Answer: Rustum was Sohrab’s father.

3.) “That is what my mother said for fear of losing me to my father. Look at the seal on my right arm”

a.) Who said these lines?
Answer: These lines were said by Sohrab. 
b.) Who were the words spoken to?
Answer: The words were spoken to Rustum.

c.) Where did Sohrab say these words?

Answer: Sohrab said these words at the battlefield.

II.) Vocabulary:

A.) We can make opposites by adding prefixes such as dis, un, ir, in, im, mis, il, etc., Study the examples:

Write the opposites of the following words using the above prefixes:

1.) Advantage             x          Disadvantage
2.) Believable              x          Unbelievable
3.) Do                          x          Undo
4.) Pleasant                  x          Unpleasant
5.) Trust                       x          Distrust
5.) Regular                  x          Irregular
6.) Continue                x          Discontinue
7.) Responsible           x          Irresponsible
8.) Legal                      x          Irregular
9.) Decent                    x          Indecent
10.) Proper                   x          Improper
11.) Direct                    x          Indirect
12.) Pure                       x          Impure
13.) Order                     x          Disorder
14.) Literate                  x          Illiterate

B.) Use the following phrases in sentences of your own.

1.) As long as                          –           As long as you’re with me, I am happy.
2.) To fall in love with                        –          To fall in love with him was the best thing in my life.
3.) To give birth to                  –           Snehal gave birth to a cute girl.
4.) To get tired                                    –           She got tired of her old job.
5.) To wean away                    –           Akash was weaned away by her father.
6.) To give up                          –           I will never give up on my passion.

C.) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbal phrases given in brackets. Make necessary changes, if, necessary

•          Parents  look after their children.
•          The school  consists of 15 rooms.
•          The mother send for a doctor to attend her sick son.
•          Jawaharlal Nehru was fond of Children.
•          He  die of cancer.

III.) Languages Exercises:

1.  Sit in groups. Discuss and match the following ‘wh’ words in ‘A’ with their functions.

a ). Where   
b.) When   
c.) How 
d.) Who
e.) Why  

1. reason
B.) Work in pairs. Ask questions that will get you the following answers. Begin the question with the words given in brackets. Compare with other pairs and know how many are correct. One has been shown.

1.) When do you leave your house?I leave my house When do you at 9.30 am.
2.) Where do you stay?I stay at the guest house.
3.) Who will give you the money? My father will give me the money.
4.) How does she travel? She travels by train.
5.) Why did he go to the battlefield? He went to the battlefield to fight.

C.) Work in pairs. Underline the ‘wh’ word which gets the underlined words as answer. Ex: Sohrab was in the battle field. (When/where)

1.) Tahminah sent the false information to Rustum that a daughter was born to him (what/why)
2.) Rustum agreed to fight in order to save the honour of his country (what/why)
3.) Sohrab did not kill Rustumbecause his heart did not permit him. (how/why)
4.) Rustum gave a seal to his wife Tahminah. (who/what/which)
5.) Sohrab bravely fought with his father. (who/how/when/where)

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