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ROAD SAFETY - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

Answer the following questions:
1.) What is the duty of a traffic police person?

Answer: A traffic police person’s duty is to control and regulate traffic.
2.) Why are people fined by the traffic police?

Answer: The traffic police fine those who go against the traffic rules.
A.) Comprehension:
I.) Answer the following questions:
1.) Where did the grandparents come from?

Answer: The grandparents had come from a village.
2.) What did they see while going home?

Answer: While going home they saw many things like big shops, displays, traffic signals. etc.
3.) Where should people walk in the city?
Answer: People should always walk on pavements or footpaths in the city.
4.) How should one cross the road?
Answer: When the road is clear only then one should cross the road. We should wait until the road is clear.
5.) What is a Zebra Crossing?

Answer: The white lines on the road are Zebra Crossings.
6.) What do the lights on the signal post indicate?
Answer: The red light on the signal post indicate ‘STOP’, the yellow light indicates ‘GET READY’ ad the green light indicates ‘GO.’
II.) State whether the following statements are true or false by marking ( ) or ( ) against each statement given below :

1.) Yellow light means ‘stop’. X
2.) The grandparents knew how to cross the road. X
3.) People should cross only using the Zebra Crossing.  √
4.) People should always walk on the left.  √
5.) We need to follow traffic rules to avoid accidents.  √
6.) Green light means ‘go’. √
B.) Vocabulary:
III.) Change the first letter to form meaningful words

1.) Cake           –           Make
2.) Cake           –           Take
3.) Cake           –           Lake
4.) Cake           –           Fake
5.) Cake           –           Bake
IV.) Make as many words as possible from the given word. The words may be of three, four or five letters. Do not use the letters from the given word more than once in a word.


VI.) Now write a short dialogue between you and your friend, on learning to ride a bicycle.
Meetu  :           Hello Chinu,have you got new bicycle?
Chinu  :           Yes, Meetu. My dad gifted me this on my birthday.
Meetu  :           That is good.
Chinu  :           But I don’t know how to ride a bicycle. Can you teach me?
Meetu  :           Yes. But before that you should always wear a kids’ helmet while riding a bicycle.
Chinu  :           Okay. What else?
Meetu  :           First seat comfortably on the seat and then try to run the pedals slowly.
Chinu  :           Thank you Meetu.


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