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Rain in Summer - Class 8th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 Rain in Summer
 – H.W.Longfellow

A.) Answer the following questions.

1.) How does the street look?

Answer: The street looks broad and fiery.

2.) When does it rain?
Answer: It rains after the dust and heat of summer.

3.) Where is the rain making clattering sound?
Answer: The rain is making clattering sound on the roof tops.

4.) The poet compares the rain to the tramp of hoofs. Pick out the lines of comparison.
Answer: How it clatters along the roofs,  Like the tramp of hoofs!

5.) Where does the rain pour down?
Answer: The rain pours down across the window pane.

6.) How does the water look when it comes down the gutter?

Answer: The water looks like a muddy river when it comes down the gutter.
1.) The word ‘pane’ rhymes with ‘lane’. Similarly ‘heat’ rhymes with ‘street’. Can you pick out other rhyming pairs of words from the poem?

Answer: roofs- hoofs, out- spout, pours- roars, wide- tide.

2.) Pick out the words that indicate different sounds made by the rain.

Example :- Clatters, gushes, roars.
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