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Prayer for Dumb Creatures - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 Prayer for Dumb Creatures 
Pre-reading activity:
If we visit a zoo or a park, we can see many animals and insects. We can hear the sounds that they make, we can feel the permeation of the sounds, which make us develop love and affection towards them.

What sounds do the following animals and insects make:

1.) Mice – Squeak and squeal            6. Bees – Buzzing
2.) Hogs – Snort                                 7 . Horses – Neighing
3.) Birds – Chirp                                 8. Ducks – Quack
4.) Cats – meow                                  9. Goats- Bleat
5.) Dogs – bark                                   10. Lions –Roars

I.) Comprehension questions :

A.) Answer the following questions briefly:

1.) Who is the poem addressed to?

Answer: The poem is addressed to the God.

2.) What request is made in the fifth and sixth lines?
Answer: The poet requests the god to listen to the voiceless prayers of the dumb creatures.

3.) What is the request made in the last two lines?

Answer: In the last two lines, the poet requests the God to teach our hearts to hear the plead of the dumb creatures as god himself hears our prayers.

B.) Using the ideas of this poem, write a paragraph on “Prayer of Dumb Creatures”.

Answer: Prayers for dumb creatures is the poem of G.E.Goodrich. In this poem, the poet praises the God, the almighty for creation of many things. He is the maker of earth, sea, and sky. He is the king of his creation. He requests the God to bless the dumb creatures. He also requested the God to listen the voiceless prayers of these creatures. These are creatures made by him and they too have right to live life. We cannot deny the right of these creatures. He lastly requests the God to teach our hearts to
hear the plea of these dumb creatures just as the God hears our prayers when we pray to him.

D.) List out the rhyming words in the poem. 
Sky – high
King – wing 
Die- deny 
Made – laid 
Plea – thee

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