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Plastic – A Curse - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

Plastic – A Curse
I.) Comprehension :
Answer the following questions.

1.) How many cattle did Shamu’s father have?

Answer: Shamu’s father had three cattle.
2.) Why did Shamu give fruits to the cow?
Answer: Shamu loved the cow very much so he gave fruits to it.

3.) What did the cow eat?
Answer: The cow ate the fruits and also the plastic bag.
4.) Why is plastic harmful to animals and human beings?
Answer: Plastic contains poisonous chemicals which makes it harmful to animals and human beings.
5.) What are the various items made of plastic?
Answer:  The various items made of plastic are shopping bags, toys, water bottles, etc.
6.) How should we store food?

Answer: We should store food items in containers made of glass, metal or porcelain.

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