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NAPOLEON’S THREE QUESTIONS - Class 9th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

Answer the following questions:
1.) Who was Napoleon Bonaparte and when was he born?

Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant military leader of Europe. Napoleon Bonaparte born in 1769.
2.) How did he inspect his troops?
Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte was asking three questions to the soldiers. Those questions are usually in the same order.
3.) Why did the soldiers like the Swede?

Answer: The Swede having friendly face hence the soldiers like the Swede.
4.) What were the three questions usually asked by Napoleon?
Answer: The first question was, “How old are you?”. The second question was, “How long have you been in the army?” and the third questions was, “Did you serve in either of my last two campaigns?” these questions usually asked by Napoleon.
5.) Why did the Swede practise answers for many days?
Answer: The Swede was from Sweden and not knowing French language and there was no time to learn French for interview. Hence his friends taught the answer and he practiced answer for many days.
6.) “Both, sir” – what does this mean in the beginning and at the end?
Answer: “Both, sir” was supposed to be answer of “Did you serve in either of my last two campaigns?” but the answer is given when Napoleon asked, “Either you are mad, or I am.” Like this the Swede mean Napoleon and he both are mad.

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