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LUCY – William Wordsworth - Class 9th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

LUCY – William Wordsworth

C1.) Answer the following questions:
1.) Who does ‘she’ refer to in the poem?

Answer: ‘Lucy’ referred as ‘she’ in the poem.
2.) Was she a famous person? Why/Why not?
Answer: No, she was not a famous person because she was a maid.
3.) Where did she live?

Answer: She live among the untrodden ways, beside the springs of dove.
4.) ‘A violet by a mossy stone.’ What is the comparison made here?

Answer: Like a violet flower grows in the mossy stone and hardly get notice likewise Lucy also hardly noticed. The poet compares A violet flower with Lucy.
5.) ‘Fair as a star’. Who is as fair as a star? Why did the poet compare her to a star?

Answer: Poet compare Lucy with star. Like a star shines in the sky lonely like that Lucy also alone and shine herself.
6.) Did the poet know her? Pick out the line from the poem which suggests this.
Answer: Yes, the poet know her cause, there are very few people who know where Lucy lived and ceased. Lucy is no more and it made big difference to poet. The line suggest this are
“She lived unknown, and few could know
When Lucy ceased to be;
But she is in her grave, and oh!
The difference to me!”
7.) State TRUE or FALSE.
Lucy dwelt among the untrodden ways in a busy city
Answer: False, Lucy dwelt among the untrodden ways beside the springs of Dove.
C2.) Appreciation :

1.) Pick out the rhyming words from the poem

Answer: ways – praise
Dove – love
Stone – one
Eye – sky
Know – oh
Be – me
2.) Identify the figures of speech used in the poem
Answer: Figure of speech used in the poem are “A violet by a mossy stone Half hidden from the eye!” and “ Fair as a star, when only one Is shining in the sky.”
3.) In this poem, the poet laments Lucy’s death. What do yo call such a poem?
Answer: The poem seems romantic due to figure of speech used in it so we can call it romantic poem but the poet laments Lucy’s death in the poem hence, the poem is sad poem also known as Elegy poem.
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