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Life in Banjarumale - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 Life in Banjarumale 

I.) Comprehension questions :

A.) Sit in a group, discuss and write answers for the following questions.

1.) Where is Banjarumale?

Answer: Banjarumale is a tiny village within the Neriya Gram panchayat. It is located about 90 km from Mangaluru.

2.) Name the tribe living in the hamlet in Banjarumale.
Answer: Malekudiyas

3.) Where do the local children study?
Answer: The local children study at a residential school, the Ashram school in Neriya.

4.) When did S K W Micro hydel project start producing electric power?
Answer: SKW Micro hydel project started producing electric power in 2002.

5.) Who is Mr. A.S. Annappa?
Answer: Mr. A.S. Annappa is the former president of Banjarumale Micro – Hydel Power Project
Implementation Committee.

6.) What is the task assigned to Mr.Prakash?
Answer: Mr. Prakash manages the power station. He switches on the turbine on at 6pm everyday and switches it off at 8 am the next day.

7.) According to the G.P. member electricity is supplied only at night. Give reasons.
Answer: According to the G.P. member electricity is supplied only at night because villagers fear that the youth and children may waste time watching television if there was power during the day.

8.) What should be done to make mobile calls?

Answer:  To make mobile calls, one has to climb a hill to get network.

9.) Why did the tribals give up paddy cultivation?

Answer: The tribal gave up paddy cultivation because wild elephants, boars, buffaloes and monkeys started eating paddy in their plantations for food.

10.) Name the river and the stream that need bridges across them to reach Banjarumale.
Answer: Sunalu river and Lakkdarpe stream need bridges across them to reach Banjarumale.

11.) What is D.C.Katte?
Answer: D.C.Katte is the former deputy commissioner.

12.) What is the reason behind the clean air in Banjarumale?
Answer: There is no vehicular pollution in Banjarumale so the air is clean.

B.) Think about the Text, Work in pairs and Match the following.

1.) P.H.C.                                            –          f. Neiriya
2.) kerosene lamps                               –          d. those who do get electric power
3.) 9th curve of Charmudi Ghat         –           a. the only road in Banjarumale
4.) Rs. 1500 to 2000                           –           e. hire for 9 KM journey
5.) heavy cross to bear                                    –           c. very difficult to bear
6.) walk 10 KM                                   –           b. to take a bus

B.) Fill in the blanks with the words given in brackets :

1.) You can buy red dress  or blue dress.
2.) Shwetha looks pretty  in blue dress.
3.) They started writing the exam  after the first bell.
4.) Tell me how you got distinction?
5.) Time  and tide wait for none
6. Though he is poor, he is honest

III.) Language Activities :

A.) The following are the punctuation marks used in writing: Punctuate the following :

1.) It is celebrated on January 26, 1950.
2.) “What did you say?” Ravi said
3.) How beautiful the place is!
4.) “What is that?” Shobha said.
5.) I want to come to Mysore.
6.) You are a doctor, aren’t you?

Remove too…. to and use ‘so ….. that not.

1.) The fruit was too rotten to eat.
Answer: The fruit is so rotten that it cannot be eaten.

2.) The sight was too dreadful to be seen.
Answer: The sight was so dreadful that it cannot be seen.

3.) The sun is too hot for us to go out at present.

Answer: The sun is so hot for us that we cannot go out at present.

4.) He is too proud to beg.
Answer: He is so proud that he cannot beg.

5.) The box is too heavy to lift.

Answer: The box is so heavy that it cannot be lifted.

Combine the following pairs of sentences using As soon as and No sooner than:

1.) He opened the door of his flat. He went in.
As soon as he opened the door his flat, he went in. 
No sooner did he open his flat than he went in.

2.) He saw me. He ran away immediately.
As soon as he saw me, he ran away immediately.
No sooner did he see me than he ran away immediately.

3.) The teacher entered the classroom. All the pupils stood up.
As soon as the teacher entered the classroom, all the pupils stood up.
No sooner did the teacher enter the classroom than all the pupils stood up.

Combine them using neither-nor:

1.) He has no friends. He has no foes.

Answer: He has neither friends nor foes.

2.) She is not happy with her relatives. She is not happy with her friends too
Answer: She is neither happy with her relatives nor with her friends

Change the following as shown above.

1.) How horrible he is!

Answer:  He is very horrible.

2.) What a nice place it is!
Answer: It is a very nice place.

3.) How horrible the animal is!
Answer:  The animal is very horrible.

4.) What a beautiful flower the rose is!
Answer:  The rose is a very beautiful flower.

Frame questions to get the underlined words as answer:

1.) He went to market to buy vegetables. Why did he go to market?
2.) Ramesh bought a car last week. What did Ramesh buy last week?
3.) Sheela worked hard and got 98% in SSLC. How did Sheela get 98% in SSLC?
4.) The Principal paid him scholarship for highest marks. For what the principal pay him scholarship?

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