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Kashmir, The Garden of India - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 Kashmir, The Garden of India 

I.) Comprehension questions :

A.) Answer the following questions: Discuss the answers with your partner before writing them down.

1.) From where did the travellers enter the valley of Kashmir?

Answer: The travelers entered the valley of Kashmir from Baramulla.

2.) What does the peak of Nanga Parbat look like?
Answer: The peak of Nanga Parbat looks like a huge sentinel pointing to the sky.

3.) Which is the capital of Kashmir?

Answer:  Srinagar is the capital of Kashmir.

4.) Why do certain flowers grow only in Kashmir?
Answer: The climate and soil of Kashmir makes certain flowers to grow on it.

5.) Why do the houses in Srinagar city look beautiful in summer?
Answer: The houses in Srinagar city look beautiful in summer because their roofs are covered with flowers like tulips, wild irises and red poppies.

6.) Describe the spring season of Kashmir.
Answer: Flowers start to bloom in the spring season of Kashmir. Flowers like delicate pink almond, white cherry blossom, pink and white apple blossom, royal purple irises, Persian lilac bloom by adding colors to the beauty of Kashmir.

B.) Sit in pairs and discuss in the class and answer the following questions:

1.) Explain the varieties of flowers and fruits of Kashmir.

Answer: In the season of spring, Kashmir has variety of beautiful flowers like delicate pink almond, white cherry blossom, pink and white apple blossom, royal purple irises, Persian lilac. In the season of summer, there is bloom of roses. They cover the walls and gardens with their clusters of crimson, snow-white, scarlet and creamy yellow flowers. Outside the city, there are blue flax and red poppies.
We find fruits like luscious pears, peaches, nectarines and plums and rosy-cheeked apples in Kashmir.

2.) Describe the floating garden of Dal lake

Answer: The floating garden of Dal Lake is a unique one. It is a man made creation. It doesn’t require
water and can be easily tended from the end of a boat which extends from them.

3.) Why is the city of Srinagar called “The Venice of India”?
Answer: Srinagar is the capital of Kashmir. The Jhelum flows through the city of Srinagar and with its canals cuts it up into so many islands as to give it the name of ‘The Venice of India’. As the sun melts the snow on the mountain-tops, the snow water flows down the valley and causes the river to rise and supply her life-giving waters to the fields and gardens.

II.) Vocabulary work :

A.) Consider the words “week” and “weak”. Although they have the same pronunciation they give different meanings: (HOMO PHONES)

Sit in a group and point out the difference in meaning between the following pairs of words and use them in your own sentences (do it in pairs)

1.) Price: Prize

Nowadays the prices of vegetables have increased. I got the first prize in singing competition.

2.) Peace: piece

You should not argue with your parents and make peace with them. Can I have a piece of cake?

3.) Whole: hole
She ate a whole loaf of bread.
The tiny mouse went inside through the hole.

4.) Write: right.
I would love to write an essay on Secularism. She is always right

5.) Route: root

I forgot the route of my new tuition. Jealousy is the root cause of hatred.

6.) Weather: whether
Today’s weather is quite awesome.
I don’t whether she will come or not.

B.) There are 10 words and their opposites. Find out the words and their opposites from the puzzle. Circle them in the puzzle and write them in the note book. (Note: opposite words are in capital letters) (do it in groups)

1.) Difficult X Easy
2.) Dry X Wet
3.) Huge X Small
4.) High X Low
5.  Hard X soft
6.) Humble X proud
7.) False X True
8.) New X Old
9.) Forget X Remember

C.) Read the following sentences. Each sentence has a mis-spelt word- Find out the same and correct it.

1.) The houses of the city are built of woods and bricks.
2.) Srinagar is the capital of Kashmir, the city of the Sun.
3.) The Jhelum river flows through the city of Srinagar.
4.) Kashmir is famous for its beautiful and natural scenery.

adjectives and nouns. In the first column write down the adjectives you find in the story. In the second column write the nouns.

Now Change the following sentences into other degrees: (Do it in groups)

a.) India is the biggest country in Asia.

Answer: P - India is a big country in Asia

C  India is bigger than Macau. b.) Milk is not as sweet as honey.

Answer:  P- Honey is sweet.
S – Honey is the sweetest in all the sweeteners.

c.) Kashmir is a beautiful place.
Answer: C- Kashmir is beautiful than Mahabaleshwar. S- Kashmir is the most beautiful place in India.

d.) Iris flower plants are tall.

Answer:  C- Iris flower plants are taller than cheery flower plants. S – Iris flower plants are the tallest in all the flower plants.

e.) Kamala is the wisest student in this class.
Answer: P – Kamala is a wise student. C – Kamala is wiser than Abhinaav. Suggested Activity:
Study the example………

e.g.: Knowledge- leg, new, know, led, edge.

Use the word ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENT’ and make as many words as possible by using the letters of this word.

1.) Weak                                          22) Wag
2.) Leak                                           23.) Wan
3.) Let                                              24.) Wet
4.) Take                                           25.) Law
5.) Tan
6.) Low
7.) Almond
8.) Wake
9.) Late
10.) Ate
11.) Eat
12.) Late
13.) Lemon
14.) Date
15.) Keen
16.) Down
17.) Week
18.) New
19.) Nod
20.) Net
21.) Owl

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