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It Never Comes Again - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 It Never Comes Again 

I.) Comprehension questions:

A.) Answer the following questions briefly:

1.) What do the first two lines of the poem mean?

Answer:  In the first two lines the poet wants to tell that there are gains for all our loses and there are solutions to all of our problems.

2.) What does one do when something beautiful is vanishes?

Answer: When something beautiful vanishes then one sighs in vain.

3.) What are the things we lose when youth departs?
Answer: Dreams and strength are lost when youth departs.

4.) What is the message of the poem?

Answer: The message of the poem is that the time went never comes back again. The days of the youth never comes back once they are lost.

B.) Answer in a paragraph each.

1.) Write the summary of the poem.

Answer: The poem IT NEVER COMES AGAIN is written by Richard Henry Stoddard. In the poem, the poet tells us the time which is lost can never be brought back. There are gains for every losses and there are solutions to every problems. But when the time of youth departs, there is pain in our hearts. It takes away something from us and the time of youth never comes back again in life. We are strong
and better in the days of youth. This stage of youth cannot be forgotten by anyone. We cherish those moments. When something beautiful is lost we sigh in vain. We behold it on the earth, and in the air
but the time of youth once lost cannot be gained again. We can gain other things but the days of youth
cannot be retained.

2.) How does a man feel at his youth? Explain whether you agree or disagree with the poet.
Answer: A man feels strong at his youth. He dreams of many things. He strives to do best things at his youth. Yes, I agree with the poet.

C.) Rhyming words:

‘Sweet’ and ‘feet’ are two rhyming words. What are the other rhyming words that you can find in the
poem? Make a list of such words.

Departs – hearts
Pains – again 
Reign – again 
Vain- again Everywhere –air

II.) Read the extracts and answer the questions:

1.) “We behold it everywhere, On the earth, and in the air,”
a.) What does ‘it’ refer to?

Answer: “It” refers to the time of youth.

b.) Where do we behold it?
Answer: We behold it on the earth and in the air. 
c.) Why does the poet say so?
Answer:  Because the man tries to catch the time of youth but it is impossible.

2) “We are stronger, and are better, Under manhood’s sterner reign;”
a.) When do we feel stronger and better?

Answer: In the period of our youth, we feel stronger and better.

b.) Here “reign’ refers to ………………

Answer: Here “reign” refers to the time of man’s youth.

c) How do we feel in our youth?
Answer: We feel stronger and better in our youth.

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