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Heroes for Today - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 Heroes for Today,- 
 The Bicycle Thief

I.) Comprehension questions :

A.) Answer the following questions:

1.) Why did Roger steal a bicycle?

Answer:  Roger was a 18 year old American bombardier. He wanted to reach his base in time.It was
30 kms away from his base in Pole Brook. He realized that it was midnight and would never reach on time. Then he saw a rusty bicycle against a fence and stole it so that he could reach his base on time.

2.) How was Roger able to make amends for his theft of a bicycle?

Answer: After fifty years of his theft, Roger wanted to give away 100 new bicycles to children of the Polebrook area. He wired 19,000 Dollars to the Raleigh bicycle company in England before his arrival in Polebrook in May 1992.

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