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HERCULES AND THE CART-DRIVER - Class 9th Third Language English Textbook Solutions



C1.) Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each : Discuss the answers with your partner.

1.) Name the characters in the play.

Answer: Cart-driver and tall stranger are the characters in the play apart from it there are two bullocks too.

2.) What are the names of the bullocks?

Answer: Red and Brown are the names of the bullocks.

3.) “Let us save our breath for the work we have to do. It’s easier that way!”

a) Who said this?

Answer: Tall stranger said this.

b) Whom did he say?

Answer: It is said to Cart-driver.

c) What do you mean by ‘save one’s breath’?
Answer: ‘Save one’s breath’ means save the breath and use the breath to do something.

4.) “Wait, foolish ones! wait, good boys!”

a) Who said this?

Answer: Cart-driver said it to bullocks.

b) Whom does foolish ones and good boys refer to?
Answer: Foolish ones and good boys referred to bullocks.

c) From which lesson is this sentence taken from?
Answer: This sentence is taken from the lesson “Hercules and the cart-driver”

5.) Who loaded the cart again?
Answer: Tall stranger and cart-driver loaded the cart again.

6.) Why was the cart driver weeping?
Answer: The cart of cart-driver is struck in the mud hence he was weeping.

C2.) Answer the following questions in three or four sentences :

1.) Who was the cart driver praying? Why?

Answer: Cart is struck in the mud hence the cart driver is praying to god of strength, Hercules.

2.) What was the reply given by the stranger when the cart driver asked for water?
Answer: When the cart driver asked for water the Tall stranger replied, “You’ll feel fresh too, when we’ve got the cart out and you are sitting in it, driving along.”

3.) What did the cart driver hear at last?
Answer: The cart driver hears, ‘The gods help those who help themselves’ at last.


V1.) Rewrite the following sentences, using the opposites of the underlined words

1.) His uncle encouraged him.

Answer: His uncle discouraged him.

2.) The juice bottle was empty.
Answer: The juice bottle was filled.

3.) He was very careful in his work.
Answer: He was very careless in his work.

4.) She was very hard hearted.
Answer: She was very soft hearted.

5.) This is a quiet place to live.
Answer: This is a noisy place to live.

V2.) Fill up the blanks with suitable words given in the bracket :

(pulled out, shoulder, reloaded, remove, appeared, stuck, weeping)

Cart driver was weeping, because the cart was struck in the mud. He prays for help. Immediately tall stranger appeared. He helped the cart driver to remove all the bundles and put his shoulder to the wheel. Stranger and the cart-driver pulled out the cart out of the mud. Again, they reloaded the cart with the bundles.


L1.) Change the underlined words into past tense :

Aunt Polly wanted Tom to whitewash the fence. But Tom wanted to pass the time without doing anything. Tom decided that he would not white wash the fence. He thought of a good plan. He planned that when his friends come by, he would pretend that he enjoyed white washing the fence. Tom made them believe that he is having a lot of fun. His friends beg to be given a chance to whitewash the fence. Tom lets them to do it and cannot help laughing later.
Here are some nouns in singular form. Below them are five boxes. Put the nouns in the box and form their plurals. Write both the singular noun and its plural in the space provided.
Leaf, mammal, bush, women, lady, city, branch, tree, giraffe, hoof, potato, tooth, story, mouse, wolf, horse, goose, pony.

 Complete the following sentences using the correct plural form of the words given in brackets.

1) The girls (girl) are dancing.
2) The babies (baby) are playing with the dolls.
3) Four women (woman) are walking in the garden.
4) The knives (knife) are very sharp.
5) We have to play five matches (match) in this season.
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