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Chanakya And Rakshasa - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

Chanakya And Rakshasa 

I.) Comprehension questions :

Read the questions and discuss with your partner. Then write the answer in your note book:

1.) Who was Chandan Das? What kind of a man was he?

Answer: Chandan Das was a dear friend of Rakshasa. He was an honest man who would not let people know about where Rakshasa was.

2.) What was the great task that Chanakya did?

Answer: The great task done by Chanakya was to make Chandragupta the king of Magadha.

3.) Why did Chanakya want to win over Rakshasa?
Answer: Chanakya wanted to win over Rakshasa because he was on the side of the Nandas.

4.) What plan did Chanakya hit upon to find out Rakshasa?
Answer: Chanakya came with a plan and announced throughout the kingdom that if the Minister
Rakshasa didn’t return within a fortnight then the head of Chandan Das would be cut off.

5.) What happened when the order was readout?
Answer: When the order to cut off Chandan Das was readout, Rakshasa came sweating and tired.

6.) How was Chandan Das treated at the end?

Answer: As per Chanakya’s plan, Chandan Das was taken to the market-place where all the people gathered to see what would really happen. He was saved by his dear friend Rakshasa.

B.) Answer the following question.

1.) How did Chanakya succeed in securing the service of Rakshasa?

Answer: Chanakya helped Chandragupta to become the king of Magadha. The only thing that he wanted was to have wise and able minister for Chandragupta. He thought about Rakshasa, who was the great minister of the Nanda Kingdom. The difficult task for Chanakya was that he wanted to win over Rakshasa as he was on the side of the Nandas-the enemy of Chandragupta. Nobody knew about Rakshasa’s whereabouts. It was only his close friend Chandan Das who knew where Rakshasa was. Chanakya imprisoned Chandan Das and declared that if Rakshasa didn’t return within a fortnight’s
time, then his friend, Chandan Das would be cut off. Even after fifteen days of time there were no signs of Rakshasa. It was then Chanakya took Chanda Das to the market –place where all the people came
to see what would happen next. No sooner did the order of cutting off was readout than Rakshasa came all tired. He declared his identity and asked them to save his friend. Chankay very impressed by
him, honored him and made him the Minister of Magadha.

C.) Read the Statement and answer the following questions.

1.) “Here I am’!
a.) Who said this?

Answer: Rakshasa said this. b.) Who was it said to?
Answer:  It was said to Chanakya c.) When was it said?
Answer:  It was said when the order to cut off Chandas Das was readout.

2.) “Oh, it is Minister Rakshasa”!
a.) Who said this?
Answer: The people gathered in the market-place shouted this. b.) When was it said?
Answer: It was said when Rakshasa came to save his friend. c.) Where was it said?
Answer:  It was said at the market-place. d.) What was the emotion expressed?
Answer:  The emotions were of surprise and happiness.

II). Vocabulary work :

A.) Study the following example.

Sit in a group and look at the following words and list out the related words that come to your mind.
a.) A Village –Villagers, farm, hut, well, river, etc.
b.) Christmas-  Snowman, Santa Clause, Xmas tree, lights, bell, cakes, chocolates, candles, etc. 
c.) A rainy day – Dew, wet clothes, downpour, sprinkle, etc.
d.) Red – Cherry , tomato, apple, blood, etc.
e.) Our school – Teacher, students, buildings, canteen, classrooms, duster, chalk, ground, etc.

B.) Study the following example. Example:- homeless, hopeless, heartless…

1.) Harmless
2.) Meaningless
3.) Colorless
4.) Speechless
5.) Lifeless
6.) Odorless
7.) Wireless
8.) Needless
9.) Useless
10). Restless

C.) Rearrange these sentences in the correct sequence of events (do it in pairs).
c.) Grandfather found a baby parrot.
g.) The mother parrot led the babies under the tree. f.) The next day he found another baby parrot.
e.) The parrot settled down inside the house. d.) The parrot loved the fruits.
h.) He fed it fruits and nuts.
g.) He took the parrots to the garden to release them. b.) The mother parrot greeted them.
i.) The mother parrot brought the parrots back.

Classify the following words and write them in the columns given below. ( do it in your group)

B.) Pick out the nouns from this story.

A  man went to a  ch emi st’ s sh o p  and said, ‘I want some thing for a severe  headache’.

The Chemist  took a  bottle from a shelf, held it under the  man ’ s n o se  and opened it. The smell was so strong that tears came out of the  man ’ s eyes  and ran down his  cheeks.

What did you do that for? He said angrily.
‘But that  medicine has cured your headache hasn’t it?’ said the  chemist.
“You fool’ said the  man. ‘It’s my wife who has the  headache, not me!’

D.) Sit in a group and change the following sentences from singular to plural.

a,) The nurse carried a baby.

Answer: The nurse carried the  babies.

b.) The thief stole a knife.
Answer: The thieves stole the knives. c.) The potato is a vegetable.
Answer: The potatoes are the  vegetables.

d.) The ox pulled the cart.
Answer: The oxen  pulled the cart. e.) The child had a bad tooth.
Answer: The children had bad  teeth.

IV.) Listen to the passage carefully and answer the following.

a.) Who brought the mango home?

Answer: Hema brought the mango home.

b.) Why did Hema’s grandmother give a larger piece to Raju?
Answer: Hema’s grandmother gave a larger piece to Raju because he was a boy.

c.) Why did Hema protest?
Answer: Hema protested because after all she had brought the mango and she was the elder of the two.

d.) Who came to help Hema?
Answer: Hema’s father came to help him.

e) Who do you think should have got the larger piece?
Answer: Both of them should have the larger piece.

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