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A TIGER IN THE HOUSE - Class 7th First Language English Textbook Solutions

- Ruskin Bond
C.) Speaking, Reading and Writing :

Converse about these points in the story with your partner. Take turns to ask or answer the questions given below. Explain to your partner why you think your answer is correct. Quote from the text if necessary.
1.) When did Grandfather discover the tiger cub? Who named him “Timothy”? Who fed him? What was Timothy’s diet?

Answer: Grandfather discovered the tiger cub while hunting expedition in the Terai Jungle near Dehra. His grand-mother named him “Timothy”. He fed by their cook named Mahmoud. Timothy’s diet was raw mutton and cod liver oil, later on pigeons and rabbits became part of his diet.
2.) Who were Timothy’s two companions? How did they show him that they were not afraid of him?
Answer: Toto monkey and a small mongrel puppy were Timothy’s companions. Toto monkey was very bold and pulling the you tiger’s tail and climbing up the curtains if Timothy gets angry. By crawling on his back, puppy show him that they were not afraid of him.
3.) Timothy was more friendly with Toto than with the puppy. (True/Not True)

Answer: Not true.
4.) When the boy took Timothy out for walks why did people in the street give them a wide berth?

Answer: Timothy was fully grown retriever hence when he goes out for walk people on the road were giving them a wide berth and distancing themselves.
5.) Timothy had an air of superiority about him. (True/Not True)
Answer: Timothy was a tiger and there was nobody like him, he is getting attention from the everyone around him hence he had an air of superiority about him.
6.) Timothy’s wild nature came out gradually. (True/ Not True).
Answer: True, Timothy became less friendly, he was started stalking a cat, Timothy is becoming wild naturally.
7.) Everyone took Grandmother’s warning seriously. (True/Not True)
Answer: Not True, Grandmother once said that one day we will find timothy sitting on Mahmoud’s bed and no sign of the cook except his clothes and shoes. Grandmother wanted to say that Timothy is finally a wild animal.
8.) What changes in Timothy made Grandfather decide to transfer him to a zoo?
Answer: Timothy grew steadily less friendly and whenever they were out for a walk, he used to stalk a cat and other’s pet. He was eating hen from the poultry house. Once he stalks Mahmoud and looked at him with villainous intent. Due to these changes grandfather decided to transfer him to zoo.
9.) Why did Grandfather say to the tiger, “Good night, Timothy”?

Answer: Grandfather came to know that Timothy is dead and it was another tiger they are talking to. Timothy was resting in eternal sleep hence Grandfathersaid, Good night, Timothy”.
10.) Why did the tiger begin to lick Grandfather’s hand with more and more relish?
Answer: Grandfather had spent good amount of time with tiger so they know how to read behaviour of tiger. When the new tiger saw grandfather he felt familiarity with grandfather and started to licking grandfather’s hands.
11.) Why did Grandfather give a scornful look to the keeper? 
Answer: The tiger was licking Grandfather’s finger and moving back when the leopard from the next cage snarling at him. Whenever the leopard rushing at the bars the tiger was slinking back to his corner.When he came to know that the Timothy is died two month ago and he is not informed then Grandfather felt that the zoo staff is not doing their job well so he gave scornful look to keeper.
E.) Checking your vocabulary:
Supply the missing letters in the following sentences:

1.) Grandfather knew no one would have a tiger as a co-traveler.
2.) The onlookers thought Grandfather and the tiger were close friends.
3.) The tiger was relieved, but the leopard was tense.

Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate adverbs or adverb phrases given below :
(when, as, while, till [or until] after, since, as long as, whenever, and once )

1.) Whenever I go to the zoo I do not forget to say “hello” to my tiger.
2.) He was shocked when I went near the tiger.
3.) As long as I was relaxed the tiger was also relaxed, but once I showed signs of nervousness the tiger became nervous too.
4.) As I gave my hand to it the tiger began to lick it.
5.) I haven’t seen my tiger since it ran away from our house.
6.) When I was saying “goodbye” to my tiger the superintendent came.
7.) As I was petting the tiger the leopard in the next cage snarled at him.
8.) “Wait til I ring you up,” the zoo superintendent said.
9.) We waited for the tiger until it was dark.
10.) They had left while we reached there.
11.) I came just after he had hit six sixes in that over. I missed it.
ii.) Questions ending with Prepositions.
Supply the missing prepositions in the dialogues given below _

1.) Grandmother : Where is Timothy?
Mother : He has gone out.
Grandmother : Gone out? Who with?
Bond with Mahmoud.
2.) Mahmoud : Grandfather was shouting at me.

Mother : What against?
Mahmoud : for not tying up Timothy.

3.) Bond : Grandfather has brought home a tiger cub!

Grandmother : A tiger cub? Where from?
Bond : from the jungle.

4.) Superintendent : Sir, why are you standing before that cage?

Grand father : I have been conversing with Timothy.
Superintendent : Really? From how long?

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