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A SOLDIER’S SON - Class 7th First Language English Textbook Solutions

– Shobha Ghosh
C.) Speaking and writing Take turns with your partner and ask or answer these questions. Explain to him or her why you think your answer is correct. Quote from the text wherever necessary. Write down your answers.
1.) Explain in your own words how the pilot saved himself.

Answer: There was a plane in the sky sheering and swinging, the plane is shot by the enemy. The plane was flaming after crash. The pilot saved himself by ejecting from the plane.
2.) The boy saw the plane only after it had been shot. (True/Not True)

Answer: Not true, the boy was watching plane and he saw the plane is shot by the enemies.
3.) In English, nouns are commonly used as verbs also. Point out to your partner two such verbs in paragraphs 1 and 2.
Answer: Veer, shuddering, floating, emerge are nouns also used as verbs.
4.) Where was the pilot flying to when his plane was shot?
Answer: The pilot was flying to Ambala Air Force station when his plane is shot.
5.) Why did the enemy shoot at the boy?
Answer: Enemy saw that the boy received some packet from the pilot and running away hence the enemy shot at the boy.
6.) The sentry had seen the plane crash. (True/Not True)
Answer: Not true.
7) Maqbool Butt was a patriot’s son. (True/Not True)
Answer: True.
8.) “They can’t do a thing if our number is not written on the bullet” – Explain this statement to your partner.
Answer: The statement “They can’t do a thing if our number is not written on the bullet” means the soldier must keep fighting and shouldn’t run away. The enemy can not do anything, it is our destiny.
9.) The boy knew what the officer did not know. (True/ Not True)
Answer: True.
10.) The commanding officer said something humorously. What was that?
Answer: The boy, Maqbool informed commanding officer that he have to complete the orders first and he know that where the pilot fall and where are the enemy lines. Maqbool also told them that he can guide them a short cut so they can intercept them and cut off their retreat. Maqbool also suggested them to take jeeps so they can reach before the enemy. After listening everything Commanding Officer humorously said, “Instructions noted Sir, action will be taken.”
11.) How did the commanding officer and the Major tend the boy?
Answer: The commanding officer and the Major told the boy that he is very brave and he is already soldier they also said that they hope one day the boy will be the soldier and lead the Indian army with same courage and daring.
12.) A distant voice came to the officer’s ears. Whose voice was that?
Answer: A distant voice came to the officer’s ears was the voice of Maqbool’s father’s voice. Maqbool’s father was the winner of P.V.C. in 1971.
13.) What was Maqbool’s ambition?
Answer: Maqbool’s ambition was to become a soldier like his father.
D.) Word Formation Make Compound Nouns using the words given.
Example: post________, postman, postmaster, postcard, post-office, postmark, post-paid.

life: life-buoy;
life- secure;
life time.
Use a good dictionary if necessary.
Exercise l. Look at these pairs of sentences. Rewrite them as complex sentences with Noun Clauses. Underline the Noun Clause.
A.) Where have I left my bicycle? Ah! I remember it.

Answer: I remember where I have left my bicycle.
B.) They caught the thief with the jewels. This is how they did it.
Answer: This is how they caught the thief with the jewels.
C.) Do something now. Everything depends on it.

Answer: Everything depends on what he is going to do.
D.) He was saying something about his troubles. I listened to him.
Answer: I was listening him about saying something about his troubles.
E.) “My son will win a prize in the high jump event. I am certain of that,” she said.
Answer: She said that her son will win a prize in the high jump event and she is certain of that.
Exercise 2.) The noun clause begins with “that” or what we may call “Wh words.” Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words given in the brackets.
(why; that; whether; where; how; when)

Newspaper Reporter : Why have you people become factory workers?
Devaiah : We lost our fields. This is the place where we used to grow Ragi.
Krishnappa : They said that we should sell our fields, and we had to sell them.
Rajanna : That is when we lost our fields.
Krishnappa : That is how this factory came up here.
Devaiah : That is why we have become factory workers.
Rajanna : We don’t know whether our children will ever become farmers again.
Prefixes and Suffixes
The cloud carries words which can be joined to the prefixes and suffixes in the bubbles. Make as many words as possible by trying out different combinations. Sometimes both a prefix and a suffix can be used to make longer words. Observe how the meanings of the words change after you have added affixes to them.

1.    Injustice
2.    Childish
3.    Autograph
4.    Undergraduate
5.    Equipment
6.    Graphic
7.    Race
8.    Inactive
9.    Actively
10.    Unhealthy
11.    Unfortunate
12.    Fortunately
13.    Misjudge
14.    Judgement
15.    Quickly
16.    Irresponsible
17.    Responsibly
18.    Misfortune
19.    Regularly
20.    Irregular
21.    Successfully
22.    Unsuccessful
23.    Accurately
24.    Inaccurate
25.    Disappear
26.    Directly
27.    Indirect
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