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A Nurse’s Song - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

A Nurse’s Song 

I.) Comprehension questions :

A.) Answer the following questions briefly:

1.) Whose voices are heard on the green?

Answer: The voices of children are heard on the green.

2.) Where is the laughing heard?
Answer: The laughing is heard on the hill.

3.) Does the heart really take rest? If not what is the meaning of “My heart is at rest within my breast And everything else is still”.

Answer: The heart of the nurse is at peace when she hears the voice of children laughing.

4.) Point out the two reasons offered by the nurse to call the children home.
Answer: Two reasons offered by the nurse to call the children home are that the sun is going down and the dews of the night arise.

5.) How long, according to the nurse, the children should give up playing?

Answer: According to the nurse, the children should give up playing till the morning appears in the sky.

6.) The children offer two reasons for not giving up playing? Mention them.

Answer: The two reasons that the children offers for not giving up playing is because it was still a day
and they couldn’t go to sleep.

7.) The nurse gives permission to the children to play ….. but she imposes a condition. Which is that condition?

Answer: The condition is that the children should come until it is dark/till the light fades away and go to sleep.

8.) How do the children and the hills react to the permission to play given by the nurse?
Answer: Both the children and the hills shouted and laughed.

9.) List out the rhyming words from the poem.

Answer: Hill- still
Arise- skies
Sleep – sheep

B.) Answer each of the following in about half a page. Sit with your partner, discuss and answer:

1.) Describe the happiness of the children playing in the nature.

Answer:  The children are happily playing on the green. Their voice can be heard on the hill. The little fly and there is much happiness in the surrounding. The children are in no mood to go home and want to be in the arms of the nature.

2.) Write the summary of the poem.
Answer:  The poem A Nurse’s Song is written by William Blake. In this poem a nurse is calling her children to come back home in time. The children on the other hand are having fun time playing in the company of the nature. The nurse is happy and calm because she hears her children’s laughter. But
as the sun goes down, the nurse calls her children to come back. She asks them to be back because it
is getting darker. But the children won’t listen to her. They say that it is still day and they didn’t want to sleep. They are enjoying the company of the birds in the sky. Then the nurse understands their feelings and let them play. But she puts condition to play until the light fades away and then go to bed. Then the children become happy. They shout and laugh so much it gets echoed and the hills laugh with them too.

C.) Read the extracts and answer the questions:

1.) “Come come leave off play, and let us away Till the morning appears in the skies.”

a.) Who said these lines? ‘

Answer: The nurse said these lines. 
b.) Who are these lines said to?
Answer: These lines are said to the children.

c.) Why does the nurse say so?

Answer: The nurse says so because the sun has gone down.

2.) “No no let us play, for it is yet dayAnd we cannot go to sleep.”

a.) Who said these lines?

Answer: The children said these lines.

b.) Who does the word ‘we’ refer to?
Answer:  The word ‘we’ refers to the children.

c.) Why did the children say so?

Answer:  The children said so because they wanted to play more and didn’t want to go home.

3.) “The little ones leaped and shouted and laugh’d
And all the hills echoed.”

a.) “The little ones’ refers to —————— 
Answer: The little ones refer to the children. 
b.) What mood do the lines convey?
Answer: There is a mood of happiness and joyfulness. 
c.) What did the hills echo?
Answer: The children’s voices were echoed in the hills.

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