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A LETTER FROM A MOTHER - Class 7th First Language English Textbook Solutions

– Mary Ann Cain
C.) Listening, Speaking and Writing

Take turns with your partner, sitting next to you, to ask or answer these questions. Explain why you think your answer is correct. Quote from the letter wherever necessary. Write down your answer.

1) This is a letter written by a father to his daughter. (True/Not True)

Answer: Not true, this is a letter written by a mother to her daughter.
2) What do you think the age of the daughter in this lesson could be?

Answer: The age of daughter may be 13 or 14.
3.) It is somewhat painful for both parents and the child to be separated. (True/Not True)
Answer: True, it is painful for both parents and the child to be separated.
4.) Why do you think the daughter has gone away from home and is living in a distant place?
Answer: I think the daughter has gone away from home for education.
5.) The mother says, “This is the first time apart.” What does she mean? Explain this to your partner.
Answer: The mother says, “This is the first time apart” means until the daughter is living with her mother but when daughter left home for educational purpose she is staying apart from her mother, and it is first time that the daughter is staying apart from her mother at hostel.
6.) The mother says, “……………. you will be ready to fly away.” Explain what she means.
Answer: When the mother say’s“………….you will be ready to fly away” means like bird grow up and leaves nest, the daughter will also grow up by taking education then she will fly away to outer world.
7.) The mother praises her daughter for her six good qualities. What are they? Scan paragraph 2 and find them. Explain why she praises her so.
Answer: The mother praises her daughter for her six good qualities, those qualities are strong minded, persistent, courageous (not easily discouraged), smart enough to find the solution of problem by taking help of others, independent and responsible.
Mother reminds her daughter the time when she was unable to memorize multiplication table and she made cards and asked help of her mom and dad.
8.) An example of the daughter’s good behaviour is given. What is it?
Answer: An example of the daughter’s good behaviour is she doesn’t give up easily and if she decides to learn something then she finds the way to learn it and take help of others and manage everything by herself.
10.) Learning to look after oneself is learning to feel dependent. (True/Not True)
Answer: Not true.
11.) Poonam once said to her hostel mate: “Speak up for your needs. Why are you hesitant?” (True/Not True)
Answer: Not true.
12.) What is homesickness? Have you ever felt homesick?
Answer: Homesickness is feeling, when a person miss the home and family.
13.) Look at the third sentence in paragraph 5. Rewrite it as three simple sentences.
Begin like this _ Are you …………………………….
If so …………………………………
That may ………………………….

Are you feeling homesick?
If so then you may find helping someone else through their homesickness.
That may help you to feel better yourself.
14.) What good qualities can hostel life develop, according to Mary Ann Cain? Give examples. (You can use these words: broadmindedness, sympathy, helpfulness
Answer: According to Mary Ann Cain hostel life develops good qualities like sympathy, helpfulness, broadmindedness, responsible and independent. For example, if someone feels homesick in hostel, we should show sympathy and help the person to feel better. In hostel we should be broadminded enough to make friends of different background and we should be independent also.
15.) The mother tells her daughter: “It is good to be an introvert.” (True/Not True)
Answer: Not true.


Work with your partner and supply the missing Modals _ “may”, “will” or “can” _ in the dialogue given below :

Grandmother : (grandma:) We are going to Ragigudda Temple, Ravi.
Ravi : You will have to climb one hundred steps there, Grandma. Can you do that? Grandmother’s Friend : Thatcannot be difficult for me Shantha, but it can be difficult for Veena.
Grandmother’s Friend : Is this a new car, Ravi.
Ravi : Yes, it is, Veena Aunty, (a:nti) Bless me. (Touches their feet)
Grandma and friends : May God bless you.
Ravi : Mother, may I take grandma and aunties to Banashankari Temple?
Mother : Yes, but drive safely, Ravi.
Ravi : I will, mother.
(After the trip)
Mother : Did you have a good trip?
Grandma : Yes, we did, Malathi.
Friends : We must thank Ravi for that.
Ravi : Oh, no, Leela Aunty. It was a pleasure to me.
Mother : Ravi, do you know? Veena is flying to her grandson’s place in France, this Sunday.
Ravi : Take care, Veena Aunty.
Mother : Oh, she will take care of herself. She can speak French.
E.) Use of Words

1.) Write the noun froms for the verbs given :

i.) choose – choice;
ii.) live –livelihood;
iii.) lose –lose;
iv.) sing – song;
v.) speak – speech;
vi.) run –runway.
2.) Write two sentences for each pair of verb and noun :

Example: i) She always chooses her dresses well. Her choices are always good.
ii) We live in India. Farming is our basic livelihood.
iii) We should keep running even if we lose. I lost my book.
iv) I like to sing. A good song makes you emotional.
v) I would like to speak. If someone provide me speech.
vi) The thief wanted to run. The runway was clear.
3.) Write the verbs for the nouns given :
bath – bathe;
food – fed;
iii. sale – sell;
cheer – cheered;
check – checked;
4.) Write two sentences for each pair of words :
Example: i) Has she had her bath? No, she is bathing the baby.
ii) The food was good. We fed it babies too.
iii) There was sale in shops. They sold all.
iv) It is good to cheer our friends. We cheered they last week.
v) Let’s check backyard. We have already checked.
(a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set in some way)
5.) Circle the odd one out and tell your partner the reason for doing so ___

economics, economist, sociology, history – It’s profession.
drama, singer, actor, dancer – It contains others
sledge, igloo, fur, eskimo– It’s relation
tiger, cheetah __ leopard __ cub – It’s baby
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