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A DAY’S WAIT - Class 7th First Language English Textbook Solutions

– Ernest Hemingway
Answer these questions.

1.) How old was Schatz? What disease was he suffering from?

Answer: Nine-year-old Schatz was suffering from fever of influenza.
2.) What is the relationship of the author with Schatz? Which line gives you that information?
Answer: The relationship of the author with Schatz was father and son and line below said by Schatz gives that information and the line is, “You don’t have to stay in here with me, Papa, if it bothers you.”
3.) How many capsules did the doctor prescribe? State the purpose of each one.
Answer: Doctor prescribed three different capsules with different colour and instructions to give them. One was to reduce the fever; second one was a purgative and the third was for acidity or overcome an acid condition.
4.) How does the author describe Nature?
Answer: The author describe nature by saying that the day was bright and cold and the ground was covered with frozen sleet. The greenery like trees, bushes and grass is like varnished with ice. The ground was slippery.
5.) “I took the young Irish setter up the road and along a frozen creek.” Who does the young Irish setter refer to?
Answer: The Irish Setter is a breed of a dog with long hair.
6.) Why did the writer go out of the house? What did he hunt?
Answer: Schatz told his father that he no need to stay in room so after giving him prescribed capsules writer went out of the house and hunt two birds.
7.) What happened at the house in the absence of the writer?
Answer: Schatz was not letting anyone come into the room. When the writer came back to the house, he went into the room and he found son Schatz in the same position he left, the face was white and the tops of cheeks flushed by the fever. Schatz was staring still at the foot of the bed.
8.) What caused Schatz panic?
Answer: The doctor was said the Schatz is having 102 Fahrenheit temperatures but Schatz was learned in school that no one can stay alive in more than 44oCelsius. And he thought that he thought that he is going to die soon and it caused Schatz panic.
9.) How could the author convince Schatz that nothing was wrong with him?

Answer: Author told him about the measurements of the temperature and also gave example of Kilometers and Miles and thus convinced Schatz that nothing was wrong with him.
10.) What was the effect of the clarification on Schatz? Which lines tell us about the effect?
Answer: After the clarification Schatz relaxed slowly and the hold over himself relaxed too and he get free from worry and panic. The lines which bring this effect were “it’s like miles and kilometres. You aren’t going to die. That’s a different thermometer. On that thermometer thirty-seven is normal and on this kind it’s ninety-eight.” “It’s like miles and kilometers.”
11.) Are these statements true or false:
a.) Schatz was suffering from Pneumonia.

Answer: False
b.) Schatz liked his father reading to him.
c.) The father shot down a fox when he was hunting.

d.) The cat in the house accompanied his father when he went out hunting.
Think and answer

1.) How was Schatz really cured? Was it by medicine or by the clarification given by his father?

Answer: The panic was real problem with Schatz and he cured with the clarification given by his father.
2.) Why didn’t the boy allow anyone into his room?
Answer: Boy thought he was going to die soon with 102 because in his school someone from France told him that you don’t live forty-four degrees. The boy was panicked. Hence he didn’t let anyone come into the room.
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