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Why God Made Teachers - Class 7 Second Language English Textbook Solutions

 Why God Made Teachers 

Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Before you read:
Consider the statements given below and discuss in the class with your partner and the teacher.
Each one of you can directly speak, with the assistance of your teacher.
1. Teachers remain guiding stars throughout our lives.
2. They show us the right path.
3. They help us understand the world around us.
4. They teach us to appreciate nature and all living beings.
5. They help us to develop respect towards others.
Now complete the circles.
Check your understanding:

C1 Answer the following in a word, a phrase or a sentence each.

Question 1
Whom does the word ‘His’ refer to in the poem? Why does it begin with a capital ‘H’?
Answer: ‘His’ refer to God. it is written with a capital letter since he created the whole world, he is the Lord.

Question 2.
What do we become after discovering the beauty and wonder of this world?
Answer: We become a better person after discovering beauty and wonder.

Question 3.
What quality would we develop when teachers guide us?
Answer: When teachers guide us we develop many new skills to face the work.
1. The right way in which to grow
2. How to live and how to do
3. What is right instead of wrong.
4. To learn how to be strong.

Question 4.
What should we do for our world with the help of our teachers?
Answer: We should learn how to make our world a better, wiser place with the help of our teachers.

C2. Discuss in your group and answer in a sentence or two each:

Question 1.
How do teachers help us by becoming our special friends?
Answer: Teachers help us to understand God’s world in an easy way by becoming our special friends. And also they help us to become better people.

Question 2.
How does God want teachers to guide us?
Answer: God created teachers to show the way and they guide us to choose or decide the right path. The teachers are a special guide to everyone.

Why God Made Teachers Summary in English

“Why God made Teachers” was the poem Written by Kevin William Huff. In this poem, he describes the topic in a very simple way. God is unable to come and teach all the people so he created the teachers as man’s best friend. Teachers explain the difficult things and make him understand the world in a better way as a best friend. By teachers, help man became a better person and understood the discoveries.
The teachers are also special guides to show the correct path and to choose what is right or wrong. The man can leam how to be strong and lead life. By teacher’s wisdom and grace one can leam to make our world a better, and wiser place. So teachers are very important in everyone’s life. Teachers are a boon to man.

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