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TIGER - Class 9 First Language English Textbook Solutions

Comprehension :

C1.) Get into pairs/groups and discuss the answers for the following questions :

1.) What does the phrase “burning bright” mean?
Answer: The phrase “burning bright” refers to the energetic and bright tiger which has its own power and magic.
2.) What is not burning bright?
Answer: Tiger is not burning bright.
3.) What is the “plight” referred to in the poem?
Answer: The plight refers to the pathetic condition of the tigers being at the verge of extinction.
4.) According to the poet, what are we not able to understand?
Answer: We humans are not able to understand the tigers are also living beings and have freedom to live. It is hard to understand how we humans have become selfish that we kill tigers for our selfish needs.
5.) How was the tiger in the forest, according to the poet?
Answer: The tiger wasn’t living in its majestic way in the forest due to the fear of being poached.
6.) Where is the gecko hunting?
Answer: The gecko is hunting on the wall.
7.) How did the tiger rule the forest?
Answer: The tiger ruled liked a king in the forest.
C2.) Get into pairs / groups and discuss the answers to the following questions:

1.) “Their souls were sick. Killing tigers.”

a) Whose souls were sick?
Answer: The souls of the selfish people who killed the tigers were sick.
b) Why are their souls described as sick?
Answer: Their souls are described as sick because such people are selfish and wouldn’t mind killing the living being for their selfish needs.
c) Why were the tigers killed?
Answer: The tigers are killed for their bones and skin. The bones of the tigers are powdered for some Chinese medicines. The use of skin is for hanging on a wall.
2.) “Once jungles trembled at his roar.”
a) At whose roar did the jungles tremble?
Answer: At the roar of the tiger (Sheru) the jungles tremble.
b) Why do they no longer tremble?
Answer: They no longer tremble because the tiger which once roared like king is not alive anymore.
c) Who is responsible for the tiger’s fate?
Answer: The selfish human beings are responsible for the tiger’s fate.
C3.) Working in pairs, discuss the answers to the following questions and write them in your notebook.
1.) What is the poet’s view about killing animals? Is he condemning the killers or speaking in appreciation of them?
Answer: The poet’s tone is quite sad. He is against those who kill the animals for fulfilling their selfish needs. He doesn’t like that such powerful animal like tiger is killed and its bone and skin is used for various reasons. This is something that the poet doesn’t like. He wonders how people can be so cruel and kill animals for their needs. He feels that such people are sick and need to think about their selfish act. The poet feels pity for the powerful animal like tiger who once ruled the forest.
2.) How can you protect the tigers from extinction?
Answer: There should be strict laws against killing animals. We should not practice hunting. To make sure the tigers are safe we should make awareness at larger level.

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