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The Wonder Bowl - Class 7 Second Language English Textbook Solutions

 The Wonder Bowl 

Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

I. Answer the following orally:

Question 1.
Who gave the Akshaya Pathra to Yudhishtira?
Answer: Lord Surya gave Akshaya Pathra to Yudhishtira

Question 2.
What was special about the Akshaya Pathra?
Answer: It would give unlimited food till Draupadi finished her meal.
Question 3.
Who arrived in the house of the Pandavas?
Answer: Durvasa and his disciples arrived in the house ofthe Pandavas.

Question 4.
What was Yudhisthira worried about?
Answer: Yudhisthira was worried because there was no food left to serve and Draupadi had already finished her meals.

Question 5.
When did Draupadi pray for help? When the Pandavas became anxious
Answer: When Durvasa and his disciples went to bath in the river, she prayed to Lord Krishna for help.
Question 6.
How did Krishna satisfy Duruvasa and his disciples?
Answer: Krishna appeared before Draupadi and asked her to bring the Akrhaya pathra on looking closely at the bowl, Krishna found a single grain of rice and he ate it, he was satisfied by the meal. His satisfaction in turn made durvasa and all his disciples feel so fully fed that they never came to Yudhishtira’s house.

Question 7.
Discuss how, from an unknown quarter, help arrives when it is needed the most.
(Self- assessment)
Answer: The divine god knows to help him when they need the most. We have to keep faith and confidence at that time. There is a saying “If one door closes, is window opens ………….. we get help from the unknown quarter when we need most.
Check Your Understanding:

C1. Answer the following in a word, a phrase or a sentence each:

Question 1.
Which sentence in the first paragraph shows that Philemon and Baucis were poor?
Answer: They worked hard on their farm and were only able to get as much food as they needed. This sentence shows that Philemon and Baucis were poor.
Question 2.
Would any stranger who came to their house go without food?
Answer: No, they would never let any stranger who came to their doors go without food.

Question 3.
Why did the dogs bark?
Answer: The dogs barked as the boys shouted at two strangers who entered the village.

Question 4.
What made Philemon say that the boys were bad?
Answer: The boys ill-treated the strangers so Philemon said that the boys were bad.

Question 5.
Why did Baucis feel that the strangers should have come earlier?
Answer: Philemon and Baucis had finished their supper just before the stranger’s arrival. So Baucis felt that if the strangers haw come earlier they could have shared their food with them.
Question 6.
What were the strangers pleased with?
Answer: The strangers were pleased with their hospitality and their kindness. A small bowl of milk to drink was a feast for them.

Question 7.
What made Baucis astonished?
Answer: Baucis poured the milk from the bowl into 2 cups and placed them before the guests. They drank the milk and later one of them asked for some more. Baucis said there is hardly a drop left in that bowl. The guests took the bowl and said there is milk in this bowl as much as they want they filled their cups again from the bowl. Baucis was astonished and hardly end. believe her eyes. She told her husband that these guests one not ordinary men.

Question 8.
Together, the couple decided that the strangers were angels from heaven.
(fill in the blank with the right word)
V1. Fill in the blanks with the words given in brackets:
One is done for you.
The neighbors also saw the men in ragged clothes. But they did not realize that they needed shelter. From where their cottage was, they could not see the dogs properly. Only Baucis whose house was on the mound could see the boys ill-treat the strangers. Philemon and Baucis were astonished at the behavior of the boys. The boys hooted till they were out of their breath.
(cottage, astonished, hooted, shelter, mound,)

V2. Read the following sentence:
Baucis earlier had poured out all the milk. Later one of the strangers asked for more. The word ‘earlier’ is opposite of‘ later’.
Practice the use of opposites:
Plastic is light but Iron is heavy
1. This chair is comfortable, but that one is uncomfortable.
2. You are late today, please come early to school.
3. Some buses are ordinary and some buses are special.
4. My sister is happy but my brother is unhappy. (sad)
V3. Read the following paragraph:
The boys hooted at the strangers in rags. The elders did not heartily welcome them. Though they were feasting, they had no mind to be hospitable. They ill-treated the two of them. In fact they were astonished that the Philemon couple accepted them as guests that night.
Recognize the words you are familiar with and make sentences of your own.
One is done for you
hoot: The passenger heard the hoot of the train from the station.
1. I found some strangers in my farmhouse.
2. We should respect our elders.
3. I wished my son heartily on his birthday
4. Hospitality is a virtue.
5. My friend was astonished to get Rs. 25,000/-as his salary.
6. We should treat our guests kindly.
V4. Some words are given below. Add suffixes like – ion, – able, – ful to frame new form of the words.
One is done for you:
(If necessary, look up the words in the dictionary)
1. joy – joyful
2. wonder – wonderful
3. dictate – dictation
4. comfort – comfortable
5. hope – hopeful
6. success – successful
7. possess – possession
8. concentrate – concentration
9. honour – honourable
10. medicate – medication
Think About The Text

C2. Some questions are given below. Discuss the answers with your partner /group and write them.

Question 1.
Describe the hospitality of the old couple picking out at least two examples.
Answer: The old couple treated their guests with kind words and welcomed them heartily though they were in rags. They offered the milk they had with the humble request, and they talked very politely with them. This shows the very good hospitality of the old couple.
Question 2.
What makes Baucis think that the strangers were not ordinary people? One of the strangers was pouring milk to
Answer: When the two strangers finished drinking the milk, they asked for some more, Bauc’s told there is hardly a drops, left in this bowl. One of the guests took the bowl and said there is milk in this bowl as much as they want. Saying this he filled not only his cup but his friends also. They again filled thus cups from the bowl. She could hardly believe her eyes. She whispered to her husband’ They are not ordinary men.

Question 3.
What did the strangers tell Philemon and his wife before going away?
Answer: The strangers before going away told both Philemon and Baucis’ “We are gods messengers, we are much pleased with your kindness. Ask anything you like, You shall have it. When they expressed theirs deserve to die together. “Be it so” replied the English “There is your home. Hive in it as long as you deserve and come to heaven together.
C3. Discuss the answers to the following questions, with your teacher.

Question 1.
Would Philemon and Baucis treat any other strangers in the same way?
Answer: Yes, they were very kind and hospitable, they would never let any stranger who came to their doors go without food. They welcomed the guest with joy and shared their own meal with them.

Question 2.
Why did God’s messengers come to the village?
Answer: God’s messengers came to the village to see how people treat others. They wanted to know whether they extend hospitality or ill-treat the strangers. They also wanted to know whether their behaviours were human or inhuman.
C4. Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow:
1. “Don’t worry, good lady”

Question a.
Which lesson is this line taken from?
Answer: This line is taken from the lesson “The wonder bowl”.

Question b.
Who is the “lady”?
Answer: The lady was Baucis, the wife of Philemon

Question c.
When did the speaker say so?
Answer: When Baucis said that if the strangers would have come a little earlier, they could share their supper. At that moment the speaker said the above lines.

2. “May your bowl be full of milk always”

Question a.
Who said this?
Answer: The guests said the above line.

Question b.
Who did he say this to?
Answer: He said this to the old couple.
Question c.
Why did the speaker say so?
Answer: The speaker was pleased with the old couple’s kindness and said so.

3. “Good angels, we wish to die together”

Question a.
Who does the word ‘we’ stand for?
Answer: ‘We’ stand for the old couple Philemon and Baucis.

Question b.
Who was it said to?
Answer: It was said to the strangers, (angels).

Question c.
Why did the speaker say so?
Answer: The guests said that they were god’s messengers and pleased with the old couple’s kindness, and they should ask anything they like. So the speaker (asked) said the above lines.
G1. a) Complete the following sentences with suitable forms of words in the bracket.
One is done for you
Pradeep’s father ____ called him Deepu. (affectionate)
Pradeep’s father affectionately called him Deepu.
1. The audience laughed loudly at the joke, (loud)
2. His foot was injured, yet, he played bravely. (brave)
3. I have done well in the exam, so I will pass, (well)
4. A tortoise moves very slowly. (slow)
5. Can you spell the word ‘queue’ correctly? (correct)
6. It rained heavily, so I postponed my trip. (heavy)
7. The baby is sleeping, please speak softly. (soft)
8. He looked at me angrily when I laughed at him. (angry)
9. The soldiers fought courageously and won the battle. (courage)
10. We had to walk fast to get to school on time. (fast)
[softly, bravely, well, fast, heavily, courageous, slowly, angrily, correctly. loudly]
G2. Rewrite the following sentences using the adjective forms of the words underlined:
John drives the car carefully.
John drives the car with care.
1. Bhuvana fed the puppy lovingly.
Bhuvana fed the puppy with love.
2. They easily solved the sum.
They solved the sum with ease.
3. Vijaya sang melodiously.
Vijaya sang the song with a melody.
4. Pramod writes neatly.
Pramod has neat handwriting.
5. Rahim always speaks calmly.
Rahim always speaks in a calm manner.
More Vocabulary
V1. Here is a list of incomplete words. Complete them by using ‘re’\ ‘ar’, ‘er’, ‘or’, He’, ‘ei’. Use a dictionary if necessary:
a. literatu – literature
b. singul – singular
c. burgl – burglar
d. calend – calender
e. consid – consider
f. horr – horror
g. interi – interior
h. bewa – beware
i. cent – center
j. gramm – grammar
k. rec_ _ pt – receipt
L bel _ _ve – believe
m. gr_ve – grieve
n. conc_ _ve – conceive
V2. There are some words that are often misused because they sound alike, but are spelled differently. Can you complete these words by putting the right letters in the boxes?
One is done for you:

1. a. The period when there is no war
b. a bit or part of something
2. a. Amoral rule of general law for action.
b. The head of a school or college
3. a. A place on a farm where milk is kept
b. A daily record of the events in a person life
4. a. A person who is not strong
b. A period of seven days
5. a. A person who is loved or lovable
b. An animal which runs fast
W1. Some incidents from the story are given in these sentences. The words in each of the sentences are jumbled. Rewrite them correctly and sequentially as they appear in the story.

Question a.
the ragged strangers to meet went down Philemon
Answer: Philemon went down o meet the ragged strangers

Question b.
food for Baucis to some he asked to find them
Answer: He asked Baucis to find some food for them.

Question c.
with jo the guests they welcomed
Answer: They welcomed the guests with Joy.
Question d.
in this bowl as much as there is we want milk
Answer: There is milk in this bowl much as we want,

Question e.
You desire as long as in it you live and to heaven come together
Answer: Live in it as long as you desire and you come to heaven together.

Question f.
a small bowl on the table placed Baucis of milk
Answer: Baucis placed u small bowl of milk on the table.
The Wonder Bowl Summary In English

Philemon and Baucis were old couples who lived in a hut on a mound. They were very generous to the people who came to their hut, even to strangers also. They were hard-working and poor. One evening they heard the barking sound of dogs and shouting of boys. They understood that some strangers might come. Philemon said to his wife to arrange some food for strangers and he would go to and fetch the strangers. The strangers wore tom clothes and were tired.
Philemon welcomed the strangers. They were made to sit at the table. Philemon and Baucis talked very kindly and affectionately. Baucis served a small bowl of milk to them. She politely told if they had come a little earlier they could have shared their meal. One of the guests replied that they were happy with what they offered, they appreciated their kindness and hospitality. They drank the milk and asked for some more. Baucis hesitatingly said that sorry there was only a drop of milk left in the bowl.
The guest took the bowl and said that there was milk as much as they want. He filled both the cups with milk from the bowL Baucis was surprised and she could hardly believe her eyes. She thought that they were not ordinary people, they must be angels from heaven, come to bless them. The guests thanked the couple and blessed them that their bowl will be full of milk always. The next morning the guests were ready to go and said the couple that they were very much pleased and to ask anything they want Philemon asked that they should die together.
So the angels replied that there is your home you live in it as long as you desire and come to heaven together. The old couple was astonished to see that their poor cottage was turned into a grand mansion. They humbly prayed to God and lived happily and doing good to others.

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