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THE NEW FLOWER - Class 6 First Language English Textbook Solutions

a.) At the beginning, the story tells us that two people – a man and a girl – have become friends. (True / not true)

b.) The man’s name is Ruskin Bond. The girl’s name is Usha.
c.) The man is a writer. The girl is a school girl.
d.) The girl is a good student.
e.) The man and the girl share a common interest. They both keep looking for new flowers.
f.) They are both attracted by a new flower.
i.) a new flower.
ii.) the goats that they meet.
iii.) the rain clouds in the Himalayas.
iv.) the cold winds that hum and whistle through the pines.
g.) On Yugadi day the man finds a new flower. (True / not true)
h.) We call this day Yugadi. What do people in Himachal Pradesh call it ?
Answer: Basant Panchami.

i.) The girl predicts a heavy rain on that day. (True / not true)

j.) The man teaches the girl how a plant seeds. (True / not true)
Not True
k.) Who saved the plant from the goats? How ?
Answer: Usha saved the plant from the goats. She unfurled her blue umbrella at goats and shouted at them.
l.) The girl knows the goat language because She had her own goats at home.
m.) A year passes. The plant withers. (True / not true)
Not True
It blooms
n.) The two friends could not say that the new flower was their discovery because they didn’t know the botanical name of the flower.
o.) The author had wondered what its name could be. But the villagers had given it the name Basant

p.) What Latin name is given for another flower in the story? ( Botany gives Latin names for trees, plants, flowers and fruits.)

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