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NATURE’S FRIEND - Class 6 First Language English Textbook Solutions

1.) Now, discuss the points raised in these questions with your partner. Write down what you say.
a.) The poem begins with the words, “Say what you like” What does this expression mean?

a.) “You may believe me or not”.
b.) You may like what I say or not like it”.
c.) “……………… and I will get it for you”
d.) “Tell me what you want to say”.
b.) What does “that” in line 4 refer to?
Answer: “That” refers to the flower.
c.) “That wins the bee.” So the bee is defeated. (True/not true)
Answer: Not True
d.) Think about the meaning of the second stanza.
Which of the meanings given below is correct?

1.) I touch the moth’s wings as delicately as wind and sun.
2.) Only I touch the moth’s wings.
e.) What did the poet do to turn the mouse’s eyes away?
Answer: The poet played to turn the mouse’s eyes away.
f.) Why has the wren become the poet’s friend?

Answer: The wren very knows that the poet doesn’t rob its nest and let it rest, so it has become the poet’s friend.
g.) The poet tells us, animals love voices and faces of people. What examples does he give?
Answer: The hedge stops Cows.
Or they would come
After my voice
Right to my home.
The Horse can tell,
Straight from my lip,
My hand could not
Hold any whip.
The above lines tell us that animals love voices and faces of people.

Writing :

2.) Imagine that you and your friends have formed a group called “Friends of Nature”. You want to distribute hand-written pamphlets. How do you begin? Write 6 sentences to tell what people should not do.
Save Nature
Save Life
Do not kill animals.
Do not cut trees.
Do not throw waste hither and tither.
Do not harm the creatures of the nature.
Do not create pollution.
Do not use plastic bags
Discuss with your friend how to do this exercise. Write down the words in the blanks.
Salumarada Thimmakka is a lady who is called a Nature’s Friend . A centenarian now, she planted and tended about 800 trees in her younger days.
These she planted along the sides of a road in Hulikal, Magadi Taluk. She washonoured with the “Best citizen of the Country”. “Friend of Trees” awards. She says half the honour should go to late Chikkayya, her husband.
Her foster son, 25-year-old Umesh has been plantingthousands of trees all over Hassan District.
In this poem W. H. Davies says, “ I am a nature’s friend”. Do you want to be a friend too ?

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