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LEISURE (Memorization) - Class 8 First Language English Textbook Solutions

 LEISURE (Memorization)
Comprehension :

I.) Answer the following questions in a sentence each:

1.) What do squirrels hide in grass?
Answer: Squirrels hide nuts in grass.
2.) What are we missing in broad daylight?
Answer: We are missing streams full of stars like stars shine in the sky at night.
3.) How long do we stare?
Answer: There is no time to stand and stare.
4.) What do Beauty’s feet do?
Answer: Beauty’s feet dance.
5.) What are the night skies compared to?
Answer: The night skies compared to the streams full of stars.
II.) Answer the following questions in four-six sentences each:

1.) How have we made our life “poor”, according to the poet?
Answer: Poet says that our life is full of too many things we care hence we don’t have time to stand for a while and look at the beauty of nature. We have no time to stand beneath the boughs and stare at nature as long as we want like sheep and cows stare. We have no time to see squirrels hiding their nuts in the grass. We don’t see daylight in the stream shining like stars in the skies at night due to lack of time. We don’t see how beauty of nature dances with smile which enrich her smile began from her eyes. Poet says that this is poor life which full of care but having no time to stand and stare.
2.) Write the substance of the poem “Leisure.”
Answer: The substance of the poem “Leisure” is this poem is about being too many things too much and not having time to relax and look at the beauty of nature. The poet describe the beauty of nature we are missing and open our eyes and make us feel that we should take a break from our busy life and look at the nature and appreciate it.
I) Appreciation:
Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each:

1.) What do you see in a garden?
Answer: We see different types of playing instruments, trees, plants, birds and animals in the garden.
2.) The poet has used the words “no time” in each line. The title of the poem is “Leisure.” Is the title appropriate? Comment on the title of the poem.
Answer: Yes, “Leisure” is the appropriate title for the poem because whenever we think about having some leisure time for ourselves, we don’t find it because we are to busy and we don’t have a time. It is the leisure time where we can enjoy the beauty of nature by doing nothing but the watching and feeling the nature around us.
3.) Pick out the rhyming words from the poem and supply another rhyming word of your own for each.
Answer: care – stare – fair
Pass – grass – glass
Boughs – cows – how
Daylight – at night – to fight
Glance – dance – chance
Can – began –again
4.) How is our life today very different from the life visualized in the poem? What must we do to get more free time for ourselves?
Answer: Today our life is becoming too materialistic. We don’t have time to take a glance and appreciate the nature around us. To get more free time for ourselves we have to stop wasting time on unnecessary things and also spend some leisure time with nature and ourselves.
5.) “No time to turn at Beauty’s glance.” What do you think “Beauty” means here?
Answer: “Beauty” means the beauty of nature around us which makes us happy and make us feel relaxed.
6.) How have we failed to appreciate the beauty of nature?
Answer: We got busy in our daily life and involved ourselves in unnecessary things and we lose time and thus we fail to appreciate the beauty of nature.
7.) There is more in life than rushing and working. Do you agree with the statement? If yes, explain.
Answer: Yes, I agree with the statement that there is more in life than rushing and working because we are here for around hundred years but there is nature from thousands of years and we are not appreciating it and not being thankful to it.
Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.

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