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EARTHQUAKE - Class 9 First Language English Textbook Solutions


Comprehension :

Answer the following questions briefly.

1.) How long did the earthquake last? What was the effect?
Answer: The earthquake lasted less than five minutes. It destroyed six hundred and two villages. It destroyed mountain and took many lives.
2.) Describe the boy’s family.
Answer: The boy’s father had died after an illness, just fourteen months ago. His mother took care of them. The boy was the oldest among the three siblings. His brother Nilu was ten. Bhuli, was two-year-old sister. His grandmother also stayed with them.
3.) How did the army help the people?
Answer: The army blasted the rocks and cleared the way. The soldiers began to clear the debris. The soldiers had set up a makeshift camp. Without getting tired the army carried the rescue operation.
4.) Did Brij return to Panipat ? Why?
Answer: Brij and his sister started to live with their uncle. Initially he worked at a dhaba in Panipat. As an expression of gratitude, he would serve free tea to the passengers. A month later he quit his job at the dhaba and returned to Garhwal. There he started his own tea shop.
5.) How could Brij start his own tea-shop? Where was it?
Answer: Brij initially worked at a dhaba near Panipat. He had his own savings which help him start his own tea-shop. His tea-shop was in Garhwal.

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