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TREES-Class 6 First Language English Textbook Solutions


1.) Read these definitions aloud to your partner.
Ask him/her to give the word for each definition. (Clue: same word for the first three definitions a, b and c)

a.) a wooden seat fixed by four lengths of rope from a branch of a tree :Swing
b.) fix a wooden seat by four lengths of rope from a branch of a tree: Swing
c.) ride backwards and forwards on a wooden seat suspended by ropes from a branch of a tree: Swinging
d.) sweep up dead leaves into a heap: Rake
e.) the season between summer and winter when leaves turn gold and fruits become ripe : Autumn
2.) Interact with your partner on the points raised in the questions below. Write down what you say. Read it aloud to your partner.
a.) The first four lines of the poem say that birds, children, and people make use of trees. How do they do this?

Answer: The birds make the use of trees by sitting and building their nests. The children play hide and seek and swinging with the help of the trees. People have tea parties under the tree. In this way, every creature makes most use of the tree.
b.) Why do trees make noise sometimes?

Answer:  The trees make noise because the wind blows through the leaves of the trees.
c.) When do children complain about trees?

Answer: When the kites get caught in the trees, then the children complain about trees.
d.) Where do the people look for cool shade in summer?
Answer: People take the shade under the tree in summer.
e.) Why is mother happy to see trees?
Answer: For a mother a tree is a beautiful picture to paint, so she is happy.
f.) Why does father grumble about his tree?
Answer: Father has to rake up all the fallen leaves so, he grumbles about his trees.

g.) Which word suggests the sound of an electric saw?
Answer: TIMBER- R-R – this word suggests the sound of an electric saw.
Fill in the blanks with suitable words. Then tell your partner the pictures that come to your mind.
a.) Little tree houses seen on treetops.
b.) A girl hides behind a tree to play hide and seek.
c.) Caught in the branches, an old kite has lost its flight.
d.) At mid-day the cool shade is relaxing.
e.) A coconut palm swing its fronds on a windy day.
f.) A mango tree is laden with bunches of mangoes.
g.) A big tree on a misty day.
4.) Project:

•    Find out some interesting things about “tree houses” and write them down.

Answer: A tree house is a building which is built around or on the branches of a tree. It is specially created for recreational purpose. It is also used as place of hangout and space. Even there are some special tree houses which serve the purpose entertainment.

•    Write a paragraph on why trees must not be cut down indiscriminately.
Answer: Trees are the givers that give many things to the humans.It provides oxygen, wood, fruits, etc to us without any expectations in return, so it is very important to remember that we should be thankful towards it. We should not cut trees for our selfish reasons. We should always take proper care of the trees and show our gratitude by not cutting and harming them. We humans tend to be selfish and uncaring towards the nature when it comes to the nature around us. We just think of ourselves and cut them without thinking twice. We should remember that very important thing provided by the trees only. We not only harm the environment but also our life by cutting down the trees cruelly.

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