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Before The Match - Class 8 First Language English Textbook Solutions

 Before The Match
I.) Comprehension

A.) Answer the following questions in a sentence or two each:

1.) Name the teams that are to play the cricket match in the lesson.
Answer: Malgudi Cricket Club and Young Men’s Union are the teams that are going to play the cricket match.
2.) Who were the prominent players in the MCC team?
Answer: Rajam, Swaminathan and Mani were the prominent players in the MCC team.
3.) Who was the “Tate” of the team? Why was he called so?
Answer: Swaminathan was the “Tete” of the team and it is named after English fast bowler Maurice Tate.
4.) Why could Swami not attend the practice in the evenings?
Answer: Swami was attending drill class, scouting and others periods in the evenings hence he was unable to attend the practice in the evenings.
5.) What was Swami’s excuse for exempting him from drill for a week?
Answer: To exempting the drill Swami’s excuse was he was delirious and the doctor has asked him not to attend drill class.
6.) What did Swami request the doctor to give him?
Answer: Swami requested doctor for a certificate which exempt him from the drill class, scouting and other classes at evening.
B.) Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow:
1.) “There was only one who caused him the deepest anxiety day and night.’’
a.) Who caused Rajam the deepest anxiety?
Answer: Swaminathan caused Rajam the deepest anxiety.
b.) Why was this so?
Answer: Swaminathan didn’t attended the evening practices and drill it caused Rajam the deepest anxiety.
2.) “Just seven days before the match, Swaminathan realized that his evenings were more precious than ever.”
a.) What is the match referred to here?
Answer: The match referred to here is cricket match.
b.) Why were the evenings more precious than ever?
Answer: The evenings were more precious that ever because few days left to match and to have a good practice is the only way to win the match.
3.) “But contrary to the custom, he had not taken off his coat and cap.”
a.) Why did Swami not take off his coat and cap?
Answer: Swami did not take off his coat and cap cause he was not willing to do a drill and he wanted to leave.
b.) What happened soon after?
Answer: Soon after drill master said he don’t believe Swaminathan and told Swami to ‘Get out’
4.) “Well, I could do it. But is there anything wrong with you?”
a.) Who is speaking to Swami in these lines?
Answer: The doctor is speaking to Swami in these lines.
b.) Was there anything really wrong with Swami?
Answer: No, there was nothing wrong with Swami.
c.) What is the real purpose of Swami’s visit?
Answer: The real purpose of Swami’s visit was to get doctor’s certificate.
5.) “I can’t give you the certificate. But I shall talk to your Headmaster about you and request him to let you off after four-thirty.”
a.) Why does the doctor refuse to give a certificate?
Answer: There was nothing wrong with Swaminathan and he was healthy hence doctor refuses to give a certificate.
b.) What does he offer to do instead?
Answer: Instead, he offered to talk Swaminathan’s headmaster.
c.) Do you think the doctor was kind to Swami?
Answer: Yes, doctor was kind to Swami.
C.) Answer the following questions in about six or eight sentences each:

1.) How did Swami manage to get the permission of the drill master?
Answer: Swaminathan and his friends were playing cricket match with Young Men’s Union and they need to do practice. Swami was unable to attend the practice because of his drill class. He asks drill master for permission to skip drill because he is feeling delirious and didn’t sleep last night. He also visits doctor to get fake medical certificate to get the permission to skip drill.
2.) What was Swami’s plan to get exemption from drill for a week?
Answer: Swami asked drillmaster for permission saying he is not well and didn’t sleep last night. He was also feeling delirious and doctor said not to do drill for a week. Finally, he plans to take a fake certificate from doctor but doctor didn’t give it, but doctor says that he will talk to headmaster and tell him to exempt Swami from drill for a week.
3.) How did the doctor promise to help Swami?
Answer: Swami meet doctor in his free time ask him for certificate. Doctor check him and tell him that he is totally fine. But still Swami keep asking for the certificate, when doctor ask for a reason then he tells the truth that he need exemption from the drill so he can practice for the cricket match against YMU. Doctor listen him and promise him that he will talk to headmaster and request him to leave Swami after four-thirty and he will get exemption from the evening drill.
Example: A paragraph outline:
Complete the following paragraphs with the help of the clues given below:
1.) There lived a king by name Krishna and queen Radha lived in a very big palace with hundreds of servants and soldiers. Both the King and the queen werefond of honey. They built a separate storeroom to store a few tins of honey. The king appointed twelve guards to keep watch round the clock.
2.) One of the guards wanted to eat some of the royal honey. So, he made a secret entry to the storehouse of honey and stole a few tins of honey. The queen came to know of the theft in the palace and demanded her beloved husband to punish the thief.
3.) In the morning, the next day, the king summoned all the guards at once and ordered them to stand in a line. The king devised a plan to identify the guard who had stolen the honey. He told them in a polite tone that he noticed a pinch of honey on the beard of one of the guards. As soon as the king uttered these words, one of the guards lifted up his hand to wipe his beard. The king observedthis act and he told the guard that he was the culprit. thus the king was able to detect the thief without any investigation.
Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.

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