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BALAI - Class 9 First Language English Textbook Solutions


Comprehension :

Answer the following questions:

1.) How is Balai related to the writer?
Answer: Balai is Rabindranath Tagore’s elder brother’s son. Tagore’s elder had gone to England to study engineering. Balai’s mother had passed away so the responsibility to look after Balai was on Tagore and his wife.
2.) What kind of a boy was Balai?
Answer: Balai was someone who didn’t speak much and would think a lot. He was someone who would get hurt when someone plucked flowers from a tree.It would trouble him when the grass-cutter came to cut the grass.
3.) What traits in Balai do you admire most?
Answer: Balai’s sensitivity toward the nature is what I admire the most in him. Rarely do we come across young people loving the nature so deeply. Balai loved plants very much. He admired the nature.
4.) Why didn’t Balai want the grass-cutter to cut the plants?
Answer: Balai was sensitive towards the nature. He had watched countless wonders in the grass, small creepers, nameless violet and yellow flower and what not. If the grass was cut then all the tiny creatures would be lost so he didn’t want the grass-cutter to cut the plants.
5.) What do you think is the message in the story?
Answer: The message given in the story is that we must learn to respect the nature and its every element. We shouldn’t be insensitive toward the nature and ill-treat it.

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