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AN AUGUST MIDNIGHT - Class 6 First Language English Textbook Solutions

1.) Say whether the following statements are true, or not true. Justify your answer.
a.) The poet was sitting alone in his room.

b.) The only place that was lit was his writing table.
c.) Everything was still, nothing was moving.
Not true.
The blind was waving, the clock was beating.
d.) There was a light gentle wind.
e.) The silence in the room was total.

f.) Four guests entered the poet’s room.
2.) Discuss these points with your partner.
a.) What funny movements did the insects make?

Answer: A sleepy fly rubbed its hands in the middle of the poet’s page, the insects banged at the lamp.
b.) The poet says the meeting was willed by god read the two lines in which he says this.

Answer: “God’s humblest, they!” I muse. Yet why?
They know Earth-secrets that know not I.
c.) Two thoughts cross the poet’s mind. What are they?
Answer: The first thought is the insects know the earth’s secret and yet they banged on the lamp. The second thought is that he doesn’t know the earth’s secret.
d.) Give two examples to prove that an animal, or a bird, or an insect knows something that we, human beings, do not know.

Answer: The dogs sniff at suspicious things. The peacocks spread their wings to indicate the arrival of rain.
3.) Give one word for the meanings given below :
a.) fill with light          –           Bright
b.) quietness or calm   –           Still
c.) light gentle wind    –           Breeze
d.) without beginning or end –           Eternal
e.) that which surrounds our earth in all directions – Atmosphere
Writing :
Read this passage to your partner supplying the missing words.

It is the end of summer. The time is midnight. The poet is sitting alone.
He is in a serious mood. Then, suddenly, four guests arrive. The poet feels it is a very special moment. He builds this feeling in us too. How does he do that?
Read the poem and find out.

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