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A LESSON FOR NAKUL - Class 8 First Language English Textbook Solutions

– Nila Subramanian
III.) Answer the following in two or three sentences each:

1.) Why couldn’t Nakul complete his Maths problems in the test?
Answer: Nakul planned to finish tough problems at beginning and he decided to solve easy problems in last ten minutes, but he could not finish the problems in time.
2.) How did Akash console him?
Answer: Akash consoled him by telling him that this was not the final exam and he also suggested him to write faster next time and set the watch ten minutes ahead so that he could answer all the questions.
3.) What do you mean by the phrase “Don’t be a wet blanket all the time”?
Answer: “Don’t be a wet blanket all the time” means do not spoil happiness or good mood by being sad.
4.) What was the opinion of the teachers about Akash?
Answer: The teacherswere admiring Akash with the words like plunky little fellow. They we also saying that he is cheerful despite his lame leg. Akash was also known as courageous among teachers.
5.) Why was Akash keen on joining the boarding school?
Answer: Akash keen on joining the boarding school because he wanted some exposure of boarding – school life.
6.) How did Nakul realize that his way of thinking was irritating to others?
Answer: Nakul overheard his masters talking about good qualities of Akash and his quality of being cheerful despite his lame leg then he realizes that his constant grumbling must be irritating to someone who liked to look at the bright side of things.
7.) What do you think were the reasons behind Nakul’s anxiety?
Answer: The reason behind Nakul’s anxiety was his nature to look at the dark side of the things. Nakul used to panic unnecessarily. He is lacking positive attitude and optimism.
8.) How did Akash spread happiness among his friends?
Answer: Akash spread happiness among his friends with his positive outlook and cheerful nature.

9.) What was Akash’s attitude towards life?
Answer: Akash’s attitude towards life was positive and helpful and he was optimist as his grandmother taught him.
IV.) Answer the following in five or six sentences each:
1.) In what ways does Akash help Nakul?
Answer: Nakul was not sure if he has written his name and roll number on answer sheet, Akash went to teacher with Nakul. Akash also helped Nakul to make a strategy to write his maths paper. Nakul got a chance to work in a drama that time Akash also helped to practise for is drama. Akash encouraged Nakul and helped to practice lines. Akash motivated Nakul when he felt low. Thus, Akash helped Nakul in many ways.
2.) Was Nakul’s changed attitude towards life worthy of appreciation? Give reasons for your answer.
Answer: Yes, Nakul’s attitude changed towards life worthy of appreciation. Nakul was very negative and pessimistic towards life. He used to see dark side of everything. When Nakul met Akash then Nakul observed Akash’s attitude and also heard teacher praising him. Slowly Nakul also started to appreciate good qualities. Nakul’s pessimism turned into optimism.
V.) Read the extracts from the lesson and answer the questions that follow:

1.) “Huh! It’s easy to say that as you don’t have to worry.”
i) Who said these words?
Answer: Nakul said these words.
ii) Why did he say so?
Answer: He said it because he thought that it is big problem.
2.) “I’ve made a terrible mistake.”
i) Who is the speaker?
Answer: Nakul is the speaker of this sentence.
ii) What was the mistake made by him?
Answer: Nakul thought that he is forgot to write his name or roll number on his maths paper.
3.) “Why do you always look at the dark side of things?”
i) Who is the speaker?
Answer: Akash is the speaker of this sentence.
ii) What do you mean by the dark side of things?
Answer: The dark side of things means having negative approach towards life.
iii) Why did the speaker say so.?
Answer: Nakul used to see negative things first in every situation hence, Akash asked him Nakul the sentence above.

4.) “I admire you! Despite your handicap you are always cheerful!”
i) Who said these words and who is he referring to?
Answer: Nakul said above words referring to Akash.
ii) Why does the speaker admire him?
Answer: Akash was cheerful, positive and having optimistic approach in life hence the speaker admires him.
a) Match the idioms given in column A with their meanings in column B.
            A                                                                                             Answer
a.) in the good books of                                                          8. In favour with
b.) to lose one’s head                                                              6 to lose the power of thinking
c.) at a stone’s throw                                                               2 at a distance
d.) to add fuel to the matter                                                   3 to worsen the matter
e.) to sell like hot cakes                                                           7 to have a very good sale
f.) to bell the cat                                                                      9 to take a lead in a risky step
g.) to take by surprise                                                              10 to catch suddenly
h.) at arm’s length                                                                   1. at a short distance
i.) through and through                                                           4 completely
j.) by heart                                                                               5 to memorize
b) Use these idioms in sentences of your own:
on behalf of (in favour of)
I am calling on behalf of my friend.
at the mercy of (with kindness)
He was at the mercy of the wind.
at home (comfortable)
My friends were feeling at home at my place.
to keep in the dark (not to be in the knowledge of)
The truth about illness is kept in the dark.
part and parcel (integral part)
Injuries are part and parcel of player’s life.
ups and downs (difficulties)
Every business has ups and downs
to spread like wild fire (spread very fast)
The news spread like wild fire.
by hook or by crook (at any cost)
We have to complete project by hook or by crook.
B) Here are some more idioms:
Fill in the blanks with suitable idioms given in the box. Make the necessary changes:
1.) If you join a club you have to abide by its rules.
2.) The youngest son was the apple of the mother’s eye.
3.) He had promised to help me, but backed out at the last moment.
4.) The servant carried out the master’s order.
5.) While reading the life history of reptiles, I came across a very important detail about their food habits.
6.) An honest man never hesitates to call a spade a spade.
7.) A man of action nevercry over.
8.) Thank God, he succeeded in getting rid of his bad habits.
9.) Don’t give up your efforts.
10.) Thanks to the excellent medical treatment, he pulled through his illness.
Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.

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