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Narayanpur Incident - Class 10 English text book solutions

 Narayanpur Incident
Questions and Answers, Notes, Summary
Answer the following question

 Question 1.
Why had students been marching How was it an unusual march?
The students were marching to serve a notice to the Collector, a representative of His Majesty’s government. Their demand was to ask the British to quit India or face the consequences. It was an unusual march because the students, who were the marchers, marched in complete silence as if the police, some of whom walked in front of the students and some by their sides, did not exist. After serving the notice, except for shouting once, ‘Mahatma Gandhi ki jai’, they briskly marched back in the same manner as they had come.

Question 2.
A police officer was seen talking to the student leaders. Can you guess what the officer had been talking to them?
Really the police officer has not expected this type of March. They might think that there were shouts, slogans and people will violate. To control the situation they might use their lottery etc. So he came to students and asked about this. There was less work for them.
 Question 3.
Babu and Manju were a bit disappointed with the way students were marching. What was the reason?
The students were totally silent and they went back peacefully. For young children, the significance of the silent march wouldn’t have made much sense. They would have taken slogans, lathi-charge, and bloodshed as indicative of heroism and patriotism. So, Babu and Manju were a bit disappointed with the way the students were marching.
Question 4.
What had the police expected about the way of protest? How did the student leaders manage the protest?
The police expected that there will be so much protest against the British. So many people including a teacher were arrested. The angry people might destroy the public property’. The revolt people could do anything and disturb the peace of the people. But the intention of the student’s leaders was completely different. They planned to do more things and give more troubles to police officers. If they get arrested easily, there was of no use? They had to awaken the people by distributing the copies of Mahatma’s speech., etc. So they managed their march so silently and showed their protest against British rule non – violently.

Question 5.
What was there in the ‘mysterious parcel’? What suspicion did the police have about that?
There was a cyclostyling machine in the mysterious parcel. The higher officer knew about the cyclostyle machine and a number of copies of Mahatma’s speech were distributed in that town. They wanted to know, where that machine was, and who were the people doing all these things. So they talked to themselves, that night they may attack their house with a search warrant.
Question 6.
Why had Patil, the sub-inspector come there? Who believed him? What was the result?
Patil, the sub-inspector of police was the friend of the teacher. So he wanted to help them. He came and explained the situation, it was a safer side if they handed over (gave) that machine to him. They may escape from arrest. Amma believed him and handed over that machine to a police officer before the other police come.
Question 7.
What do you think is the writer of the incident trying to impress upon the readers?
The writer of the Narayanapura incident tries to impress upon the readers how different people fought against the British in different ways. Leaders like the Mahatma fought selflessly and inspired thousands of Indians like the teacher, his family, and other young college students like Suman. More significantly, there were people like Patil, who belonged to the system but had their hearts in the freedom struggle. In fact, their situation was pitiable. For the sake of their livelihood, they would have taken up the job of the police. But secretly they were with the freedom fighters and tried to do their bit risking their own safety.
Narayanpur Incident Additional Questions and Answers
Multiple Choice Questions
Question 1.
Narayanapur incident was written by

a. Shashi Deshpande
b. Mohan
c. D.S.P.
d. Sriranga
Answer: a. Shashi Deshpande

Question 2.
The year 1942 was the line of _____

a. Non – cooperation
b. Swadeshi movement
c. Quit India Movement
d. Independence movement
Answer: c. Quit India Movement
Question 3.
A police officer who came to see the procession was __
a. S.P.
b. D.C.P
c. D.G.P.
d. D.S.P
Answer: d. D.S.P
 Question 4.
The two boys holding aloft a picture of the ________

a. Jawaharlal Nehru
b. Mahatma
c. Bharat Matha
d. Goddess
Answer: b. Mahatma
Question 5.
The children like others rushed out _____of the rain

a. careless
b. heedless
c. needless
d. fearless
Answer: b. heedless

 Question 6.
They walked in complete _____
a. with noise
b. without noise
c. silence
d. with slogans
Answer: c. silence
Question 7.
The students turned back and one of them shouted ______

a. Mahatma Gandhi ki Jai
b. Quit India
c. Jai Jai
d. Jai Bharat Matha ki
Answer: a. Mahatma Gandhi ki Jai

 Question 8.
Unless you’re _____ said amma

a. Gandhiji
b. Patriotic
c. Adolf Hitler
d. Indian
Answer: a. Gandhiji
Question 9.
That was a notice served on the collector, as _____

a. Britsh officer
b. authoritative
c. Patriotic
d. representative
Answer: d. representative
Question 10.
It’s like a _____ of war

a. notice
b. declaration
c. friend
d. starting
Answer: b. declaration

Question 11.
The boy ______ in with a large newspaper covered parcel in his hands

a. moved
b. walked
c. staggered
d. marched
Answer: c. staggered
Question 12.
The mysterious parcel which turned to be a _____ machine
a. sewing
b. cyclostyling
c. secret
d. big
Answer: b. cyclostyling
Question 13.
Your husband was my ____ in school

a. classmate
b. senior
c. friend
d. well-wisher
Answer: c. friend
Question 14.
‘Please, Patil Saheb’, Amma said rather _____

a. impatiently
b. calmly
c. shrewdly
d. patiently
Answer: a. impatiently
Question 15.
Mohan burst out again, ‘Amma, how can you trust _______?

a. person
b. neighbor
c. policeman
d. friend
Answer: c. policeman
Question 16.
‘Come in, Amma _____ to the man

a. inviting
b. looking
c. calling
d. beckoned
Answer: d. beckoned
Question 17.
O.K. Amma, Mohan said and ______ into puja room

a. went
b. ducked
c. stepped
d. run
Answer: b. ducked
Question 18.
No need for Mohan to ______ It’s the police

a. announce
b. state
c. said
d. feared
Answer: a. announce
II. Match the following :

1 – c
2 – f
3 – a
4 – b
5 – d
6 – e
III Give one word for the following:
Question 1.
Walk or move unsteadily.
Question 2.
Condition of being lost in dreamy, pleasant thoughts.
Question 3.
tremble slightly or vibrate.
Question 4.
bum or shine unsteadily
Question 5.
showing sound judgment and common sense.
Question 6.
Pull or drag roughly and with much effort.
Answer the following questions:
Question 1.
How did the policeman help the teacher’s family? Why?
The police sub-inspector Patil visits the house of the school teacher who has been arrested for participating in the Quit India movement. Though the teacher’s wife and children are afraid at first, the sub-inspector puts them at ease introducing himself as a classmate of the teacher in a school and recalling how the teacher had helped him escape from caning several times. He also expresses his love for his country. He tells them about the impending raid on their house that night since the police had information about their possessing a cyclostyling machine used for making copies of the Mahatma’s speech. He offers to take the machine to a safe place till the search was over. He also asks all the others except the teacher’s family to leave the place as they could be charged with hiding people as well. Thus, the sub-inspector helps the teacher’s family.
Question 2.
How do you know that Mohan’s mother was supportive of their struggle?
: Mohan’s mother used the pooja room to hide the cyclostyling machine. She also allowed Suman to hide in the house. From the conversation between Mohan and Mohan’s mother, it is clear that she advised them on what to do and what not to do.

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