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The Blind Boy-10th Standard 2nd Language English Notes

Poem-7 The Blind Boy

Multiple Choice Questions
Answer the following choosing the correct option
1. The voice of the poem ’The Blind Boy’ is
A.the poet himself B.a blind boy C.story teller

2. A thing not enjoyed by the blind boy is of sun B. gifts of nature C. gifts of sight and night

3. The person addressed as ‘you’ in the poem ’The Blind Boy’ is
A. the poet B. social worker C.the eye specialist D.the people with sight

4. A thing that is not seen by the blind boy but felt by him is
A.the earth B.the sun C.the moon D.his body

5. The blind boy feels the sun by
A. touch B. day C.night D.warmth

6. The riddle to the blind boy is
A. the secret of day and night B. the secret of sight
C. the secret of nature D. the secret of the world

7. The blind boy can hear his hapless sorrow from
A. his sigh B. others  sigh C. joy of others D. sigh of the other blinds

8. The blind boy cheers his mind by a
A.nature B.birds song C.his song D.voice

9. The tone of the blind boy in the poem ‘The Blind Boy’ is
A. surprise B.curiosity C. sadness D.jealousy.

10. “Whilst thus I sing , I am a king” The figure of speech employed here is
A. simile B. personification C. alliteration D. metaphor

Answer the following in two or three sentences (2 marks)
1. Why does the blind boy feel poor?
Ans: The blind boy feels poor because he can not enjoy the light and the blessings of the sight.

2. How does the blind boy understand whether it is day or night?
Ans: The blind boy can not see the sun but he can feel the warmth.When the sun is bright he feels it is the day, or else it is the night.

3. How does a blind boy pacify himself? Quote the lines that suggest this.
Ans:When the blind boy hears the the sigh of sympathy from others ,he feels sorry for his unlucky state. But he pacifies himself that he can never get what he lost and satisfies with what he has .He sings that he is a king to himself.

4. Whois sympathising him? How can he bear his sorrow?
Ans: The people with sight are sympathizing him.But the blind boy never feels sorry for it . Because he can never get his sight back.

5. How does the blind boy cheer his mind?
Ans: The blind boy never feels sorry for what he can not regain.So he sings a song for him as the king.

Extracts(3 marks)
Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow:
1.”And could I ever keep awake with me ‘twere always day.”
A. Who is the ‘I’ here? Ans: The blind boy is the ‘I’ here.
B. What does he mean in the above sentence? Ans : He means that if he did not sleep, it would always be day for him
C. When it is night for him? Ans : Whenever he sleeps, it is night for him.

2. “I feel him warm, but how can he or make it day or night?”
A.Who is the ‘I’ here? Ans.: ‘I’ here refers to the blind boy.
B.Whose warmth does he feel? Ans.He feels the warmth of the sun.
C. Why does he wonder how he makes day or night? Ans. Because the blind boy cannot see the sun rising or setting.

3.”But sure with patience I can bear A loss I ne’er can know”

A.What is the loss referred here? Ans: The loss of sight by the blind boy is the loss referred here.
B.Who is the looser? Ans: The blind boy is the looser.
C.Why can not he regain that loss? Ans: Because he knows that he can not regain his sight.

4.”Then let me not what I cannot have my cheer of mind destroy”
A.Who is the speaker? Ans: The blind boy is the speaker here.
B.What is that he can not have? Ans:He can not have his sight back.
C.What is the cheer of his mind? Ans: Singing is his cheer of mind.

5.” O say what is that thing call’d light which I must ne’er enjoy.”

A.What is that the speaker can not enjoy? Ans: The speaker the blind boy can not enjoy light.
B.Why is he speaking so? Ans; Because he has lost eye sight .So he can not enjoy in the light of the sun.
C. Who is asked to say about light? Ans : The people with eye sight .
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