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Colours of Silence-10th Standard 2nd Language English Notes

Prose 7 Colours of Silence

Multiple choice questions:
1.Satish could hear Surender only after he repeated the question three times because
A. he was busy in drawing B.he was watching T.V
C . he did not notice him D.he could not hear him

2.Satish asked Surender to why he was speaking so softly because
A. he was busy in drawing B.he was watching T.V
C . he did not notice him D.he could not hear him

3.Satish suffered terrible headaches and feeling as if dark and silent since
A.he went to Kashmir B. met with an accident
C.last operation on his leg D.suffered from fever

4. Surender gave a strange look at Satish because
A. he was busy in drawing B.he was watching T.V
C . he did not notice him D.he could not hear him

5.Satish met with an accident when he was crossing a
A. the road at his school B.rickety bridge over some rapids
C. the mountain path D.snow covered Himalaya in Kashmir

6.Satish suffered frequently from bouts of fever and infections, especially of the
A. ears B.head C.eyes D.legs

7.Everything seemed to Satishlike scenes from some pantomime show because
A.he was suffering from bouts of fever B.he was operated on his legs
C.he had lost his hearing D.he had lost his sight

8.The doctors didn’t know the cause for Satish ill health except that
A.he was suffering from bouts of fever B.he was operated on his legs
C.ear infection D.effect of medicines to treat his legs

9.Satish did not want to go to another school because
A.he was suffering from bouts of fever B.he was operated on his legs
C. he had hearing problem D.he would absent frequently to school

10.Satish could not talk freely with anyone because
A.he was suffering from bouts of fever B.he was operated on his legs
C.his neighboring children teased him D. he was unable to hear a single sound

11. Who supported Satish in teaching words and pronunciation? It was his
A.father C.mother D.teacher

12.Satish’s father inspired him to learn a great deal by
A.painting pictures B.singing songs C.reading books D. studying words and their pronunciation

13.Satish became a voracious reader because of his
A.father C.mother D.teacher

14.The books depressed and left a deep impression on Satish’s sensitive mind because
A. he was not interested in reading books B.he wanted to become an artist
C. they were the serious books meant for older children or adults D.he was depressed by his plight

15. The turning point in Satish’s life was
A. he watched a bird and drew its sketch B. his leg was operated
C. he was admitted to a new school D.he recovered his hearing

16.Sketching came naturally to Satish because he was good at
A. drawing B. painting C. observing D.Urdu calligraphy

17.Satish’s father took away all note books he had drawn because
A. He hated his son B.he was not good at drawing
C.He did not want his son to make a living by drawing D. that was not his field of interest

18.Who was optimistic of Satish’ s recovery of hearing ? It was his
A.father C.mother D.teacher

19.The only solace for Satish was
A. reading books B. painting C. observing birds D.Urdu calligraphy

20.Satish’s father found the best school of arts for Satish so that he
A. forget his suffering by going to school B.enjoy his life
C. make life in his chosen field D.make great name as an artist

21.Satish’s eyes filled with tears and his father did an uncharacteristic thing.The ‘uncharacteristic thing.’- here is that his father did was
A.his father sat beside him and encouraged his art of drawing B.He brought him armful of books
C. His father found him the best school of arts for him D.supported him in becoming a voracious reader

Answer the following in two or three sentences (2 marks)
1.Surender,a friend of Satish came to visit him.Satish hadn’t gone to school Why?
Ans: Because Satish was not well. His leg was operated. He was suffering from terrible headaches and everything he felt dark and silent.

2.Why was Satish confined to bed? What was the worst thing for him?Why was it so?
Ans: When Satish went to Kashmir in the holiday, he fell into the rapids. His legs were fractured and his head was hurt badly. He was bruised and aching all over. His legs needed many operations on them. He suffered from bouts of fever and infections especially of the ear.

3.Why was the school Satish going kept him out of the school?
Ans:Due his frequent absence and his hearing problem,the school he was attending till then, kept him out of the school.They forced Avtar Narain to look for a new school.

4.Why didn’t Satish want to go to a new school?
Ans: Satish didn’t want to go to a new school because he couldn’t talk to the other children,where everyone would make fun of his deafness.

5.What made Avtar Narain angry?
Ans: Avtar Narain had to look for different schools for his son Satish.But every school didn’t want him to educate as he was not able to hear.They treated his son as dumb and asked Avtar narain to look for other school.So he was angry.

6.Why did Satish’s father make expeditions to school? Was he successful? If not why?
Ans: Satish was frequently absent from and he had hearing problem. So every school did not want him to admit. So Avtar Narain had to make expeditions to schools. But he was not successful. Because every school did the same thing for the same reason.

7.How did Satish’s brother Inder try to help him?
Ans;Satish’s brother Inder sat for hours with him and talked to hear him, teaching him words and pronunciation. He and his father spent time with him every day, talking to him trying to teach him things.

8. What did Satish see at the far corner of the garden? Why did it attract him?
Ans: Satish at the far corner of the garden saw a bird with a long tail and a black crest.Satish was attracted by its restless energy .Its eyes kept darting, its whole body was ready for flight any moment.

9. How do you say that Satish’s parents had difference of opinion about making his life?
And; Satish’s father always wanted him to study well and earn knowledge and become successful in life. But Satish was inclined towards painting .He opposed his son for that. But his mother felt drawing as a means of entertainment for her son.

10. Which action of Satish changed his father’s attitude?
Ans:Satish was busy mixing the colours on his palette. Though he saw his father standing at the staring his painting, he continued with his mixing. This action of Satish changed his father’s attitude.

11.What was Satish unable to believe?Why?
Ans: One day Satish’s father sat beside him and put his hand on Satish’s shoulder. Then Satish was unable to believe his father who was not angry with his painting.

12.How did Satish express his gratitude to his father?
Ans:Satish’s eyes were filled with tears .he hugged his father tightly,his heart was full of love for his stern father who had atlast accepted that his destiny was in canvas and paint.

13.Name the three fields in which Satish Gujral has made his name?
Ans: Satish came to be popularly known as Satish Gujral.He is the famous artist from India. He is an accomplished artist with several forms of art like painting, sculpture and architecture. He is also a writer.

14.How can you say that Satish became popular all over the world?
Ans: Satish displayed his works in prestigious museums like the Museum of modern Art, New York, the Hiroshima collection, Washigton and the national Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi. He was awarded the Order of the Crown for the best architectural design of the 20th century for his design of the Belgian Embassy in New Delhi.

Extracts(3 marks)
Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow
1.”Will you come to school tomorrow?”
A. Who asked this question? Ans: Satish’s friend Surender asked this question.
B. Why did he shake his head? Ans: Because Satish was suffering from bouts of fever and hear infections.
C. Did he continue his education in the school? Ans : No, he had to leave that school.

2.”We will have to look for a new school,”
A.Why would have they to find a new school? Ans: Because the previous school did not keep Satish as he had hearing problem.
B.Why did Satish shake his head? Ans: Because Satish was unable to talk to the other children and they made fun of him.
C. Was Sathish eager to go to new school? Ans : Sathish was not eagered to go to new school, as his classmates would make fun of him.

3.”What will you do in life if you don’t get education, eh?”
A. Who asked this question to whom? Ans: Satish’s father asked this question to Satish.
B.Why did he asked this question? Ans: Because Satish refused to go to another school.
C.Why could he hear only snatches of his words? Ans: Because Satish was suffering from bouts of fever and ear infections.

4.”My son is not dumb, sir! His hearing is a little bad. He is under treatment and will soon be fine!”
A. Who argued? Who was the son here? Ans; Satish’s father argued with the school authorities.Satish is the son here.
B.Why was his hearing a little bad? Ans; His hearing was a little bad because of ear infection
C. Why was his argument failed?. Ans; The school refused Satish as he was a deaf.

5.”This is an idle pastime. You would do better to read and get some knowledge,”
A. who was spending his time? Ans: Sathish was spending time.
B.What was his pastime? Ans: Satish spent his pastime in drawing sketches.
C.Why did his father suggested so? Ans: His father wanted him to make his life by education but Satish spent his time on drawing.

6.”Why do you take away his source of entertainment?”
A.What was the source of entertainment? Ans: Drawing was the source of entertainment
B.Who got that entertainment? Ans: Satish got that entertainment
C.Who took away his source of entertainment? Why? Ans: Satish’s father took away his source of entertainment. Because, he did not want his son to make his life by drawing.
D. Who said these words? Ans : Sathish’s mother said these words.

7.”They are for you Satish.I will find out the best school of arts for you.”
A.What does ‘they’ refer to? Ans: ‘They’ refer to the painting materials as palette, colours, brushes etc.
B.Who is the person encouraging here? Ans: Satish’s father is encouraging his painting.
C. Why did his father allow Sathish continue Painting? Ans: Finally he understood that his son’s field of interest is painting.
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