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Metals-10th Science Learning Cards



Learning Card-1

Choose the correct answer:

1. Electron donor among the following is :

a) Potassium b) Phosphorous c) oxygen d) fluorine

2. The molecular formula of Hematite is :

a) Fe2O3.2H2O b) FeCO3 c) Fe3O4 d) Fe2O3

3. Hydrogen gas is liberated under the following cirumstance:

a) Iron kept in boiling water

b) water is poured on hot iron

c) Steam is passed over red hot iron

d) Iron is immersed in cold water.

4. The alloy which used to make Aeroplane and railing coaches is

a) Brass b) Bronze c) Duralumin d) Alnico

5. Aluminium is extrated by

a) Froath Floatated by

b) Hydroulic process

c) Hall - Heroult method

d) Coneentration of ore method


Question and Answers

1. Name the metals which does not reacts with water?

Platinum and gold

2. Define metallurgy?

The technology of extraction of metals from their ores and refining to the the reuired form is called metallurgy

3. What is flux?

Flux is a substance that is added to the ores before heating with a purpose of removing certain unwanted impurities which are not removed during concentration of ore.

4. Write the two important ores of iron?

Hematite and magnetite

5. What is hydraulic wash? Name the are which suits this processes.

The crushed ore when washed with stream of water lighter impurities will be washed away and heavy iron ore particles settle down this processes is called Hydrochloric wash hematite.

6. Write the role of slag in extraction of Iron from the ore.

Slag prevents the oxidation of molten iron back into oxides of iron.

7. Draw neat labelled diagram of extraction of Aluminium.


8. Name the three methods involved in purification of metals.

1) Liquation processes

2) Zone refining or fraltional crystallisaton

3) Electroly tie refining

9. Write any three physical properties of metals?

Physical properties of metals

- Solids at room temperature

- Sonorous

- Malleable and ductile

- Conduct Electricity

- Conduct heat

- lustrous



Learning Card-2

Choose the correct answer:

1. The Metal that cannot liberate Hydrogen with dilute acid is.

a) Sodium b) Aluminium c) Copper d) Potassium

2. Bauxite is ore of

a) Iron b) Aluminium c) Copper d) Mercury

3. Calcium Silicate produced during the extraction of iron.

a) Is a slag b) Is helpful in purifying iron

c) Makes coke active d) Helps to solidify molten iron.

4. The components of Brass is.

a) Copper and Tin b) Copper and carbon c) Copper and Zinc d) Copper and Nickel

5. The Oxide that can form salf and water with a base as well as with an acid is.

a) Corbon monoxide b) Sulplure dioxide c) Sodium oxide d) Aluminium oxide

Question and Answers:

1. Name the reducing agent used in extraction of iron.


2. Which metal is called “Poorman’s’’ silver?


3. Name the reactant and products in this reaction.

CuSO4 +Fe ----> FeSO4 + Cu

Reactants - CuSo4, Fe

Products - FeSo4 , Cu

4. Write the reaction when magnesium heated in air.

2Mg + O2 - 2Mgo

5. Write any four chemical properties of metals and non metals.


Non metals

1. Electrondonors

2. Form ionic bond

3. Displace Hydrogen

4. Turn red litmus to blue.

1. Electron acceptor

2. Form both ionic and covalent bond

3. Don’t displace Hydrogen

4. Turn blue litmus to red

6. Write four steps involved in metallurgy.

1) Concentration of ore

2) Roasting

3) Calcination

4) Purification of metals

7. Write the uses of the following Alloys.

a) Stainless steel b) Invar c) Brass

1) Stainless steel - Surgical instruments, utensiles.

2) Invar - It is used in precision measuring tapes

3) Brass - Electrical contact parts, Utensils and decorative articals

8. Draw neat labelled diagram of Electrolytic refining of copper.


9. Write the components of the following.

a) Alnico b) Nickel steel c) Bronze.

a) Alnico --> Nickel + Cobalt + Iron + Aluminium

b) Nickel steel ---> Iron + Carbon + Nickel

c) Bronze ---> Copper + zinc + Tin.

10. Write any three contributions of indians to the metallurgy.

- Nlagarjuna’s book ‘Rasa ratnakara’ which explains the Preparation of various metalic compounds, the extraction and purification of metals.

- Kutubminar constrcution is an excellent exampl of an alloy of iron.

- The world famons bidri art is the skill of producing art facts of ornamental value.



Learning Card-3

Choose the correct answer:

1. Lemon juice is normally served in ceramics or glass tumblers instead of metallic tumblers because.

a) Glass and ceramics are cheaper.

b) metallic containers react with the acids of lemon

c) Lemon juice produces combustible hydrogen gas with metallic tumbler.

d) Glass and ceramics keep the lemon juice cooler.

2. Four metals, P.Q.R.S react with water as given below.

i) P reacts with cold water

ii) ii) Q reacts with hot water

iii) iii) R reads with steam

iv) iv) Red hots reacts with steam then highly reactive metal is

a) P b) Q c) R c) S

3. Invar steel is used to make precision measuring tapes because.

a) Its co-efficient of linear expansion is more

b) Its least co-efficient of linear expansion

c) It does not effect by chemicals

d) Duraility is more.

4. The following element forms cations.

a) Sulphur b) carbon c) Manganese d) Iodine

5. When a copper foil is heated in a flame, a black layer is seen on the copper foil. This is due to the formation of.

a) Soot on the surface of the foil.

b) Sulphide of copper on the foil.

c) An oxide of copper on the foil.

d) A carbonate of copper on the foil.


Question and Answers:

1. Name the chief ore of copper?

Copper pyrites

2. Write the chemical name of rust.

Hyderated ferric oxide (Fe2O3.2H2O)

3. What is roasting?

Roasting is a process of heating the ore just below its metting point in the presence of air.


4. Give reasons.

a) Sodium kept in kerosene. b) Iron is called ‘King of Metals’

a) Sodium is highly reactive element it forms oxides, hydroxide and carbonate with oxygen, water vapour and carbon dioxide in air.

5. What are alloys? Give two example.

Alloy is a homogeneons mixture of two or more metals in suitable proportion.

Example: Steel, Brass

6. What is the reaction of copper with concentrated nitric acid?

Cu+4HNO3 ---> Cu(NO3)2 + 2NO2 + 2H2O

7. Name the ore which occurs in chitradurga district.

Copper Pyrites

8. Write the balanced equation when aluminium reacts with chlorine gas.

4Al +6Cl2 ---> 2Al2Cl3

9. Name the metals which occurs free in state

Gold and plantinum

10. Draw a neat labelled diagram blast furnace.


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