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The Child Who Saved the Forest - Class 5th Second Language English Textbook Solutions

 The Child Who Saved the Forest

C1 Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each.

1. Where did Prem and his family live?

Ans : Prem and his family lived is a small village near Bandipur forest.

2.why was prem said ?

Ans : Prem heard the forest trees will soon be cut so, he came home sad and worried.

3. what did prem and his friend nasrin do to solve the problem ?
Ans : Prem and his friend wanted to appeal to the authorities to drop the idea of cutting trees.

4. whom did they write the letter to ?
Ans : Prem wrote a letter to the President of Gramasabha.

5. what was the complaint about ?
Ans : Petition was for not cutting the trees in the forest.

6. who signed the complaint ?

Ans : Prem parents and their friends sign and they also took signature of the people in the local community and those residing in nearby villages.

7. what did the president of gramsabha write back to prem ?

Ans : The Gramasabha President reply that “Your request for not cutting trees in the forest has been accepted. We have decided not to cut the trees in the forest.

C2 Discuss with your friends and answer the following questions in four to six sentences each.

1. Describe Prem’s love for the forest and the animals.

Ans : Prem and Nasrin were feeling sad after hearing about the cutting of forest tees in the
forest. They wanted to stop it. They were friendly with the animals and birds in the forest.
Where will the animals and birds go if the trees are cut. So they wanted to stop it and write a letter to the president of the Gramasabha.The president of Gramasabha wrote back saying that they will let the trees stay in the forest. In the end Prem and Nasrin were successful in their plan.
This shows us that they were lovers of nature. The forest gives us pure air, water and soil. They keep the atmosphere clean. They provide shelter to the birds and animal. They provide fodder for the cattle and food for men. They give fibre and fertilisers. Timber is used for many purpose in man’s life.

2. How did the president of gramsabha praise Prem?

Ans : The President of Gramasabha praise Prem that “We are happy about the love you
have shown towards nature. Your request for not cutting trees in the forest has benn
accepted. We have decided not to cut the trees in forest. Now the plants, animals and birds
will be safe.

3. What do you learn from this lesson?

Ans : We learn that we should not cut the trees in the forest and we have to save the plant,
animals, and birds.

Language Exercises

L1 Give the plural forms of the following words.

1.    deer – deer
2.    forest – forests
3.    friend – friends
4.    authority – authorities
5.    community – communities
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