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TOM’S SORE TOE - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

I.) Look at the picture and answer the following questions
1.) Who is lying down in the picture?

Answer: Tom is lying down in the picture.
2.) Who is the lady in the picture?

Answer: The lady in the picture is Tom’s aunt.
3.) Who are the two children standing nearby?
Answer: Two children standing nearby Tom are his siblings Sid and Mary.
4.) What is the boy suffering from?
Answer: The boy was suffering from loose tooth.
5.) What is the lady doing?

Answer: The lady is taking out the loose tooth by tying Tom’s tooth with a silk thread to the other end of the bed-post.
II.) Answer the following questions :
1.) Why didn’t Tom complain about his loose tooth?

Answer: Tom knew that if complained about his loose tooth then his aunt would pull it out and that would hurt him so he didn’t complain about it.
2.) What did Sid advise Tom when he was groaning?

Answer: Sid advised Tom to call Aunt Polly.
3.) Why did Aunt Polly not believe Tom?
Answer: Aunt Polly knew that Tom was lying so she didn’t believe him.
4.) Why did Aunt Polly call Tom a bad boy?
Answer: Tom made excuse to skip the school so Aunt Polly called him a bad boy.
5.) How did Aunt Polly pull out Tom’s loose tooth?
Answer: Aunt Polly tied one end of the silk thread to Tom’s tooth and the other end to the bed-post. Then she took the piece of hot coal and suddenly pushed it almost into his face. He quickly pulled his head back, and then his tooth was out, hanging on the thread by the bed-post.
III.) Check your understanding

Choose the right answer and put a ( ) tick mark against it.

1.) Tom started groaning because he wanted someone to hear him.

a.) he was in great pain
b.) he had a sore toe
c.) he wanted someone to hear him
d.) he wanted to wake Sid
2.) Tom said, “It will all be over soon” because he was sure the pain would go away soon.
a.) he was sure he was going to die very soon
b.) he was sure the pain would go away soon
c.) he wanted everybody to feel sorry for him
d.) he was unable to bear the pain
3.) Aunt Polly asked Mary to get a silk thread and a piece of coal from the kitchen fire because, she wanted to teach him a lesson.
a.) to frighten Tom
b.) to pull out Tom’s loose tooth
c.) to stop Tom’s groaning
d.) to teach him a lesson
IV.) Read the given statement and answer the questions that follow :

1.) “Oh, Tom! Tom please don’t die.”

a.) Who made this statement?

Answer: Tom’s brother Sid made this statement.
b.) When was it made?
Answer: When Tom was groaning with pain Sid made this statement.
c.) Why did Sid think Tom was dying?

Answer: Tom was terribly groaning with pain that made Sid think that he was dying.
2.) “Don’t be silly, I don’t believe it.”

a) Whom does the “I” refer to?

Answer: “I” refers to Aunt Polly.
b.) Why does the speaker not believe him?

Answer: The speaker knew Tom was lying.
c.) What does “it” refer to?
Answer: “It” refers to Sid’s information to Aunt Polly that Tom was dying.
3.) “I don’t want to stay at home.”

a) Who said this?

Answer: Tom said this.
b.) Whom was it said to?

Answer: Tom said this to Aunt Polly.
c.) When was it said?

Answer: When Aunt Polly decided to pull out Tom’s loose tooth then Tom said the above words.
V.) Some important events in the lesson are given in a jumbled order. Write them in the order in which they are in the text :
Ans. Correct Order
4.) One day, Tom wished to skip school.
2.) Suddenly he discovered something
1.) One of his teeth was loose.
8.) He told his Aunt Polly about his toothache.
9.) Aunt Polly noticed the loose tooth.

3.) She asked Mary to get her a silk thread, and a piece of coal from the kitchen fire.

5.) The old lady tied one end of the thread to the tooth and the other to the bed-post.
7.) She took the piece of hot coal and suddenly pushed it almost into the boy’s face.
6.) Then he quickly pulled back his head and the tooth was out.
Language in use :

Match the words and construct sentences. One example is given
1.) There are sixty minutes in an hour.
2.) There are seven days in a week.
3.) There are eleven players in a cricket team.
4.) There twelve months in a year.
5.) There twenty six letters in the English alphabet.
6.) There are number of stars of in the sky.
VII. Written sentences make sense when we use punctuations like capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks, exclamatory marks, inverted commas, etc.
Use the appropriate punctuation marks in the follow¬ing sentences. One example is given.

1.) what is your name —- What is your name?
2.) tom sawyer was unhappy
Answer: Tom Sawyer was unhappy.
3.) oh what a beautiful flower
Answer: Oh! What a beautiful flower.
4.) his aunt said open your mouth

Answer: His aunt said, “Open your mouth.”
5.) oh Sid don’t touch me groaned Tom.
Answer: “Oh, Sid, don’t touch me,” groaned Tom.
c) Vocabulary :
VIII. Look at the pictures and fill the empty boxes:

1.) Chair
2.) Balloon
3.) Butterfly
4.) Table
5.) Baby
6.) Tree
IX.) Five words related to the classroom are hidden in the grid. Find them and write them down in the space given. One example is given.

1.) Book
2.) Board
3.) Table
4.) Teacher
D.) Reading
X.) Read Kiran’s timetable and complete the following sentences. See the example.

1.) Kiran attends painting classes twice a week
2.) Kiran attends music classes oncea week
3.) Kiran attends drawing classes twice a week
4.) Kiran attends driving classes oncea week.
XII.) Complete the following dialogue with words from the given list. Practise it with your friend.
Sagar : What is wrong, Sanjay?
Sanjay : I’m a bit worried about my health. I feel tired all the time.
Sagar : What do you have for breakfast?
Sanjay : A cup of coffee and a piece of cake.
Sagar : Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should eat cereals with milk and fruit .
Sanjay : I get so hungry by eleven o’ clock. Then I start eating crisps and chocolate.
Sagar : You really shouldn’t eat snacks. They are full of salt and sugar.
Sanjay : But don’t tell me to stop eating pizza too.
Sagar : Pizza’s fine, but make your own sauce. The ready-made ones are no good. And have some salad too.
F.) Writing skill.

Fill in the blanks with the help of the clues given. All words on the left end with an ‘S’ and those on the right begin with an ‘S’. See the examples given.

Clues [left]                                                                  Clues [right]

1.) She is a good girl.                                      1. I am sick soI won’t go
2.) I go to school by bus to school.                2. The sun shines brightly.
3.) Ram goesto school on foot.                       3. We like to swimin a pool
4.) I need a glassof milk.                               4. Many starsare there in the sky
5.) I will go to the animal ________..          5. The spiderspins its web
6.) We should not be jealous                          6. Sunrise is golden.

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