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THE TROUBLE WITH BABY OWL - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

A.) Comprehension Questions :
1.) Why was Mrs. Owl worried?

Answer: The Baby Owl would stay wide awake in the day and fast asleep at night. The Baby Owl would act completely opposite to other owls and this is what made Mrs. Owl worried.
2.) What did her friend suggest?

Answer: Her friend suggested going to Mr. Oswald and seeking help from it.
3.) What did Mrs. Owl tell Oswald?

Answer: Mrs. Owl told the problem of Baby Owl to the Oswald.
4.) What was the solution to the problem according to Oswald?
Answer: Oswald suggested Mrs. Owl to put a blindfold over the Baby Owl’s eyes during the day so he won’t know if it’s day or night. This was the solution given by Oswald.

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