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SAVE WATER! SAVE THE WORLD! - Class 9th Third Language English Textbook Solutions



C1.) Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each :
Discuss the answers with your partner.

1.) Why was there a gathering?

Answer: There was gathering to celebrate the World Environment Day.

2.) What was Malick talking about?
Answer: Malick was talking about water availability on the earth and reduce water wastage.

3.) What has happened to 70% of fresh water ?
Answer: 70 percent of fresh water is frozen in glaciers and ice-caps.

4.) What was the condition of the people of Varuna street?
Answer: The people of Varuna street didn’t got water from past three days.

5.) Why has water become scarce?
Answer: The water become scarce because the need for water of people is increased. Increasing population, fields and factories required great amount of water.

6.) Why is mother earth losing her dear ones?

Answer: Mother earth losing her dear one because we keep cutting down trees.

7.) How can we store rain water?
Answer: We can store rainwater in sump or well or letting it flow into the earth.

8.) What is rainwater harvesting ? How is it useful to us?
Answer: Rainwater harvesting means to save water of the rain and store it. Rainwater can be stored n a sump or well or letting it flow into the earth and thus we can increase the ground water level. Increased groundwater level can provide us water again.

C2.) Based on your reading of the lesson, match column A with B.

V2.) Complete the following paragraph using the words given in brackets
(water, seventy, salty, three, prevalence)

There was a gathering in the football stadium. They had gathered there to celebrate the World Environment Day. The Environment Minister spoke on the prevalence of water. He said that the seventy percent of earth surface is covered by glaciers and ice-caps. But only three percent of water is fresh and can be used for drinking. The remaining water is saltyand cannot be used for drinking purpose.

V3.) Domestic rain water harvesting (DRWH)

storage tank 3
down pipes 2
guttering 1
outlet pipes 4

V4.) Match the placards where you come across them. (you may have to repeat some places)write the correct answer in the place provided.
Answer –
silence please                           hospitals, prayer halls
follow the Queue                    theatres, bus station
drive slowly                            on busy roads


L2.) Fill in the blanks with the opposite words for the underlined words by adding prefixes.

1.) Mr. Srinivas is an honest man but his brother is very dishonest.
2.) The advocate told his client that some documents were legal and some were illegal.
3.) The lady said that the boy was conscious when they brought him to the hospital but he became unconscious as soon as he saw the syringe in doctor’s hand.
4.) The captain of the team encouraged the boys to be fair in the game. They did not want to win the match by unfair means.
5.) The little boy was very comfortable with the little chair but when he was made to sit on a bench, he became uncomfortable.
6.) Dollars are acceptable in America but rupees are unacceptable.
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