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Plant Tree - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 Plant Tree 

I.) Comprehension :

A.) Read the questions and discuss with your partner. Then write the answer in your notebook and share your answer with the class.

1.) According to the poet one who plants a tree can get Five kinds of joys. List those joys in an order.

Answer: The five kinds of joy are:-
1.) Hope
2.) Loves
3.) Youth
4.) Peace
5.) Joy

2.) What prophecy or message man should get from the bough of a tree?

Answer: We cannot tell what will be our future.

3.) What role does a tree play for the creatures blithe with song?

Answer: The tree provides a shelter and comfort for the creatures blithe with song.

4.) What benediction would a tired person have under the green curtains?
Answer: A tired would person would sleep peacefully under the green curtains. It gives cool shadow and one dream of good things.

5.) What would the shoots teach us?
Answer: The shoots grow new every year. It teaches that soul is immortal.

6.) How is the person who plants a tree rewarded?

Answer: When a person plants a tree, it grows strong and tall. It gives comfort and support to many people. The person who plants a tree is blessed and the heaven and the earth help him.

Sit in pairs and find out the other pairs of rhyming words in the poem and list them out. Answer: Tree – free
Hope – grope
Climb- time – sublime
Tree – be
Joy- cloy
Strong- throng- song
Tree – thee
Peace- cease
Sleep- creep – deep
Youth- sooth
Rear- near- appear
Love- above
Best- rest

C.) Look up the dictionary and find out meaning and explanation for the following words and usages contained in the first two stanzas. (Work in pairs)

1.) horizon
of earth and sky    –    the line where the earth seems to meet the sky : the apparent junction
2.) grope              –    to look for something
3.) clods of time    –           mass of time                           
4.) heavens sublime –    to convert into higher worth predicting future
5.) prophesy –           praise and thanks especially given to God
6.) glory –           to become annoying or too much,
7.) cloy   - after seeming pleasant or enjoyable at first                
8.) throng    –    crowd
9.) blithe with song    –    happy
10) bliss    –    perfect happiness
11) inhabit    –    to live in a place

D.) Sit in groups and discuss the following phrases used in the first stanza and write the explanations for each phrases in your note book.

1.) plant love                         –           he who plants trees, plants love
2.) tents of coolness              –           plants provide shade of coolness
3.) gifts that grow are best     -  by planting plants we gift ourselves which is best
4.) He may not live to see the wayfarers – person who travels on foot might not see the coolness of the trees provided
5.) hands that bless                –           hands that give blessings are the best
6.) his work its own reward. – those who plant tree are rewarded for their good deeds

Look out those usages, which have implied meanings (stanza three and four) (working in groups)

1.) green curtain                         –           green leaves of the tree
2.) jargons cease                         –           languages used are stopped
3.) zephyr murmur soothingly   –           a smooth and gentle breeze
4.) tired eyelids                          –           eyes of the shadow
5.) balm slumber deep               –           shadows plays the role of a balm for a deep sleep
6.) blessed tree.                          –           a tree is blessed when people have satisfied sleep

F.) The strength of a tree has been described in stanza four …..
describe those points of strength.

1.) Vigour
2.) Eternity
3.) Sturdy
4.) Youth

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