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KARNA : A TRUTHFUL FRIEND - Class 9th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

C1.) Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each :
1.) Why was Kunti unhappy?

Answer: Kunti was unhappy about the war going to happen. She tells Krishna that Yudhishthira will never behave unjustly, Kshthriyas don’t believe in charity so they should fight and win through personal valour.
2.) What did Kunti want her sons to do?

Answer: Kunti want her sons to win what is theirs through personal valour.
3.) Why was Kunti worried?

Answer: Kunti was worried that her sons will live like mendicants.
4.) What did Krishna tell Karna to avoid the war?

Answer: Krishna asked Karna to join him and he will be sovereign of all the lands and Yudhishthira will serve as a vassal lord and Kuntidevi’s heart will also be gladdened to avoid the war.
5.) How is Karna related to Pandavas?
Answer: Karna was born to Kunti as a result of an immaculate conception and the man Kunti married was truly Karna’s father.
6.) What is the promise Kunti wanted from Karna?
Answer: Karna promised Kunti that he will not harm the other Pandavas barring Arjuna who Karna under oath to vanquish.
7.) Why did Karna agree to Kunti’s request?

Answer: Kunti was mother of Karna and Pandavas are Karna’s own brother hence she wanted Karna and Arjuna live brotherly but understanding her concern to not to harm Pandava, Karna agreed to not to harm four Pandava except Arjuna.
C2.) Answer the following questions in three or four sentences. Discuss the answers with your partner.

1.) What was the talk between Kunti and Krishna?

Answer: Krishna talked to Kunti and told her that Duryodhana become blind to his own fate and Kauravas will soon be destroyed and he will consult the Pandavas and  prepare them. And asked Kunti if she has any message for Padavas. Then, Kunti says to Krishana that she has no advise for Yudhishthira. Yudhishthira will never behave unjustly. According to Kunti Kshathriyas do not believe in charity and they will win what is theirs through personal valour. Kunti was saying that her son should not live like mendicants and Pandavas must regain their terriotories through their might.
2.) What was Kunti’s offer and advice to Karna?

Answer: Kunti’s offer and advice to Karna was get back the territories from Kauravas and rule over the land and sea. Karna and Arjuna can live in brotherly amily like Krishna and Balarama and it will solve all the knotty problems.
3.) Why was Karna faithful to Duryodhana?
Answer: The Kauravas always regarded karna as their own brother and Duryodhana has thrown the gauntlet down before the Pandavas because Karna stand beside Duryodhana. Thus Karna said Kunti that he cannot betray Duryodhana’s trust if needed Karna will give up his life for cause of Kauravas.
4.) Write a brief summary of the meeting of Karna and Kunti.
Answer: When Kunti med Karna she tried to convince him that not to fight from Kaurava’s side cause Pandavas are his own brothers and Kauravas usuped the territories of the Pandavas. So, get back the territories from them and Karna can rule over all the land and sea. Karna and Arjuna can live brotherly amity as Krishna and Balarama. It will solve all the knotty problems.
Use these words and describe Karna in a paragraph.

Answer: Karna was brave and kind hearted as well. He was good and loving to his mother Kunti. He was great friend of Krishna and intelligent also. Karna was truthful to Duryodhana. Karna was understanding and sacrificing.
V2.) Make a list of words that describe the characters given below.

Krishna – Great friend, intelligent, kind hearted, living.
Kunti– Loving mother, understanding.
Duryodhana – Good brother, kind hearted, truthful, daring, great friend.
Write a small paragraph on each of the characters mentioned above.
Krishna – Krishna was a great friend of Karna, he was intelligent hence trying to avoid the war. Krishna was kind hearted too.
Kunti – Kunti was the mother of Pandava. She was loving mother hence she ask Karna to fight from the side of Pandava but Karna refuses. Kunti was understanding too.
Duryodhana – Duryodhana was on of the Kaurava.Great brother and kind hearted, he was always stood by the Karna. Duryodhana was truthful and daring.
V3.) Read the lesson and find the opposites of the words given below. Underline them in the lesson and then write them against the given words.
Shorter × longer
Discourage × valour
Youngest × eldest
Helpful × helpless
Support × oppose
Take × give
Dead × life
Saddened × glad
Unwillingly × willingly
Unknown × know
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