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JIMMY JET AND HIS TV SET - Class 8th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

– Shel Silverstein

A.) As Jimmy Jet watched TV continuously, he developed parts of television in place of organs of his body. Match the organs with the parts of TV.
Chin                            tuning dial
Hair                             antennae
Brains                          TV tubes
Face                             TV Screen
Ears                              knobs
B.) Tick the right answer.

1.) Jimmy Jet always watched TV

a) always watched TV
b) Watched only ‘the Early Show’ and ‘the Late Show’
c) From morning till night.
2.) ‘His eyes were frozen wide’ means his eyes were stuck to the TV.
a.) his eyes were closed
b.) his eyes were stuck to the TV
c.) his eyes became drowsy.
C.) Answer the following questions.

1.) What happened to Jimmy when he watched TV day and night?

Answer: Jimmy became pale and lean when he watched TV day and night.

2.) According to the poet the TV makes a sound when knobs are turned on or off. Pick out the two sound words.
Answer: Vert and Horiz

3.) Do you think watching TV like Jimmy is good? Discuss with your friends.
Answer: Watching TV like Jimmy is not a good thing. Watching TV for educational and entertainment purpose is a good thing but watching too much of TV can lead us to many problems.

4.) Which lines do you like very much? Why?
Answer: He watched all day, he watched all night Till he grew pale and lean. I like the above lines because it shows the ill-effects of watching TV continuously.
5.) Pick out the rhyming words from the poem and add one more word of your own to rhyme with every pair
Example : jet – set – yet
Lean – between – thin
Chair- hair – pair
Screen – been – green
Jim – him – dream
Can you write this poem in the form of a short story? Or you may form a group and construct a story.
Begin the story like this.

Jimmy was a boy who always loved to watch TV. He watched TV so much that he became pale and lean. He watched it all day long. He never took a break from watching TV. He watched till his eyes became tired yet he didn’t stop watching it. Watching too much of TV had its own effect on him. His chin turned into a tuning dial and antennae grew out of his hair. His brains turned into TV screen and two knobs grew in his ears. He grew a plug that looked like a tail. His family then plugged Jim inside and instead of watching TV they watch Jim now. Watching too much of TV has its own side-effects and we should always have limit of it.
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