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IF MICE COULD ROAR - Class 8th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

– Ruskin Bond

A.) Answer the following questions.

1.) Where does the poet imagine the trees to grow?

Answer: The poet imagines the trees to grow up in the sky.

2.) What does the poet want the tigers to have as food?
Answer: The poet wants the tigers to have biscuit and wine as food.

3.) How do you feel if flowers come out of a gun? Discuss
Answer: I would feel so amazing if flowers came out of a gun. It would be wonderful.

4.) Do you think the things mentioned by the poet are true? Why?
Answer: No, the things mentioned by the poet are not true because those are imagination of the poet.

5.) Imagine how the world would look if the poet’s dream come true? Discuss with your friends.
Answer: The world will look nicer and wonderful if the poet’s dream turned into reality. It would be a wonderful place to live in if the poet’s dream came true.

6.) How do you think the bullies to be treated?
Answer: The bullies would be buttered on toast.

B.) How does the poet like the following to do?
a) pebbles…. sing
b) tortoise…. run
c) men … fl
d) tigers…….. dine on biscuits and wine
C.) What do the following animals normally do?
a) mice…….Soar
b) the elephants – roar
D.) Match the rhyming words
1.) Roar           –           soar
2.) Sky –                       fly
3.) Dine           –          wine
4.) Sing            –          ring
5.) Run            –           won
6.) Toast –                    post
7.) Shower                   flower

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