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A GREAT CARTOONIST - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

A.) Comprehension:
I.) Answer the following questions:
1.) When was R.K. Lakshman born?

Answer: R.K.Lakshman was born on 23rd October 1924.
2.) What is the brother of R.K. Lakshman known for?
Answer: R.K.Lakshman is known for writing stories in English.
3.) Name the Hindi film that has R.K. Lakshman’s cartoon pictures.
Answer: Mr. and Mrs. 55.
II.) Answer the following in two or three sentences. Discuss the answers with your friends in your group.
How did R.K. Lakshman start drawing?

Answer: R.K.Lakshman was attracted by the pictures that he observed in the newspapers. He would also observe objects around him like leaves, lizard-like creatures, and a number of crows on rooftops of the opposite building. He started drawing those pictures on the walls, doors and windows of his house and in this way his love for drawing began.
2.) Which are the various places in which R.K. Lakshman’s cartoons are used?

Answer: R.K.Lakshman’s cartoons are used in various things like magazines, newspapers, cover pages for his brother’s books. His cartoon ‘Gattu’ also became famous which was for Asian Paints group.
III.) Rearrange the following sentences in the order as they appear in your lesson.
a) Lakshman was born on 23rd October 1924, in Mysore.
b) Lakshman was the captain of his local cricket team.
c) Lakshman started drawing for magazines and newspapers.
d) Lakshman created a popular mascot for Asian Paints called Gattu in 1954.
B.) Language Activity :
IV.) Discuss with your friend and write a sentence about the kind of work the people in the list do. One example is given.

a.) Cartoonist: A person who draws cartoon pictures is called a cartoonist.
b.) Farmer :     A person who sows and reaps grains and cultivates crops is called a farmer.
c.) Pilot :         A person who flies areoplane is called as pilot.
d.) Driver :      A person who drives car/ bus or any other public transport is called a driver.
e.) Soldier:      A person who safeguards a country and protects it from war and attacks is called a soldier.
C.) Speaking Skills :
V) What do you want to be when you grow up? Why? This is a nice question that will be asked the whole of your life. But how to ask it and how to answer it is indeed a huge task. Try to learn it.
Complete the dialogue & practise it with your friend.

Teacher : What do you want to be when you grow up?
Student : I want to be a film director.
Teacher : Why do you want to be a film director?
Student :I want to a film director because I’m fond of movies and enjoy watching it.
Teacher : Where do you have to study for that?
Student : I have to take admission at FTII, Pune.
Teacher : How will you plan for it?
Student: I will study hard for it and pass its entrance exam.
VII.) Add er/ ist to form words and see what happens to it. One example is given.
1.) drive + er =                driver
2.) paint + er =                   painter
3.) cartoon + ist = cartoonist
4.) teach + er =       teacher
5.) journal + ist =         journalis
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