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ARUNA ASAF ALI-THE GREAT PATRIOT - Class 9th Second Language English Textbook Solutions



I. Four alternatives are given. Choose the best alternative: -

1) Aruna was born at ………...
A] Haryana
B] Bihar C] Odissa D] Mumbai

2) Aruna was born in.………. family.
A] Kannada B] Bengali C] Kashmiri D] Rajasthan

3) Aruna broke conventions at the age of ………...

A] 21 B] 20 C] 19 D] 23

4) Asaf Ali was senior for Aruna about ……….. years.
A] 20
B] 15 C] 12 D] 10

5) Aruna’s first major political involvement was during …………..
A] Quit India Movement B] Salt Sathyagraha
C] Chipko Movement D] Freedom Struggle

6) Aruna was prosecuted in ………… on her refusal to furnish security for good behavior.
A] Hyderabad B] Delhi C] Kolkata D] Kashmir

7) Aruna Asaf Ali was transferred to Ambala Jail in the year. ……….
A] 1929 B] 1930 C] 1931 D] 1932

8) Aruna stayed away from politics for about ………..

A] twenty years B] Ten years C] Five years D] Seven years

9) The Bombay congress session was held on ………….
A] 8 July, 1942 B] 8 August, 1942 C] 14 May, 1942 D] 9 August, 1942

10) Maulana Azad was a ……….
A] Leader of opposition party B] Governor of a state
C] Congress President D] White – skinned sergeant

11) Meeting at Gowalia Tank Maidan had declared illegal under …………
A] Section 149 B] Section 144 C] Section 64 D] Section 140

12) Government announced a reward of ………..
A] Rs. 4000 B] Rs. 1000 C] Rs. 5000 D] Rs. 300

13) The warrant of Aruna’s arrest was cancelled on ………..
A] 26th January, 1946
B] 26th November, 1946
C] 31st July, 1950 D] 15th May, 1939

14) Aruna Asaf Ali died on ………..
A] March 1954 B] January 1952 C] June 1996 D] July 1996

15) In 1992, Aruna was awarded by ….......

A] Arjuna Award B] Nehru Award C] Ashoka Award D] Padmabhushan

II. Answer the following questions:-

1. Who is Aruna Asaf Ali?

Ans.: Aruna Asaf Ali the famous freedom fighter and the champion of the cause of women. She
was a fiery leader who plunged hand long into politics at the time of freedom struggle.

2. When and where did Aruna born?
Ans.: Aruna was born into an orthodox Hindu Bengali family in 1909 at Kalka in Haryana.

3. What was Aruna known as?
Ans.: Aruna was known as a ‘Grand old lady of the Independence Movement’.

4. Why did Aruna prosecuted in Delhi?
Ans.: Aruna was prosecuted in Delhi on her refusal to furnish security for good behavior, and
was sentenced o one year imprisonment.

5. Why did Aruna arrested in 1932?
Ans.: In 1932, she was arrested and sent to Delhi Jail, Where she went on a hunger strike to
protest against the cruel or incapable treatment of political prisoners.

6. Why did Aruna transferred to Ambala Jail?
Ans.: Aruna’s demand was cancelled; therefore, she was transferred to Ambala Jail. Where she
was kept alone or in separate cell.

7. What did the committee planed on 8 August?
Ans.: The committee had planned the hoisting of tricolor at Gowalia Tank Maidan.

8. Why did the British arrested the top leaders?
Ans.: The British got wind of the plan that the hoisting of tricolor. Therefore, they arrested top
leaders including Gandhiji.

9. What did Aruna persuaded the British sergeant?
Ans.: Aruna persuaded the British sergeant who had come in taxi to let her accompany them to
the railway station to see off her husband.

10. Why did Maulana Azad arrest?
Ans.: As congress President, Maulana Azad has to unfurl the tricolor at a public gathering at
Gowalia Tank Maidan at 8 a.m. Therefore, the British arrested him.

11. How did Aruna went to the Maidan?
Ans.: Bhulabhai Desai’s Son, Dhirubhai drove her in his car to the Maidan.

12. Why the police released the tear gas?
Ans.: The white – skinned sergeant gave two minutes for the crowd to disperse. However, Aruna
hoist the national flag and the crowd did not dispersed. Therefore, the police lobbed the tear gas.

13. How did the crowd react for the tear gas?
Ans.: The men and women ran helter – skelter with tears streaming down their cheeks.

14. What made start of ‘Quit India Movement?’
Ans.: Aruna’s act of defiance on August 9 virtually marked the start of the Quit India Movement.

15. Name the magazine edited by Aruna.
Ans.: Aruna became the editor of ‘Inquilaab’ the monthly magazine for congress along with
Ram Manohar Lohia.

16. When did Aruna surrender to the Police?

Ans.: Aruna surrender only when the warrants for her arrest had cancelled, on 26 January 1946.

17. What did Aruna do after attaining Independence?
Ans.: After India attained Independence, Aruna Asaf Ali turned to social work and helped to
establish National Federation of Indian Women in 1954.

18. When did Aruna die?
Ans.: Aruna breathed her last in July 1996.

III Read each of the following extracts and answer the questions given below:

1. “The police knocked on the door of the flat where we were staying”

a. Who does ‘We’ refer to?

Ans.: ‘We’ refers to Aruna Asaf Ali and her husband Asaf Ali.

b. Who said this and why did she say so?
Ans.: Aruna said this, the police knocked on door to announce Asaf Ali’s arrest warrant.

2. “Theirs is no warrant for you, Maam.”

a. Who said this?

Ans.: A British sergeant said this.

b. When did he say so?
Ans.: The police came to arrest Asaf Ali. Aruna asked about her arrest. Therefore, the British
sergeant said this.

3. “I am going there”

a. Who does ‘I’ refer to?

Ans.: ‘I’ refers to Aruna Asaf Ali.

b. What does there refer to?
Ans.: There refers to Gowalia Tank Maidan.

4. “I quickly scrambled up to the dais.”

a. Who said this?

Ans.: Aruna Asaf Ali said this

b. What made her to say so?
Ans.: A British sergeant gave two minutes for the crowd to disperse. Therefore, she went on the
dais to hoist the flag.

5. “He drove me in his car to Maidan.”

a. Who does ‘He’ refer to?

Ans.: ‘He’ refers to Dhirubhai.

b. Why did he drop her to Maidan?
Ans.: The crowd had held at the Maidan to hoist the flag. Therefore, he dropped her to Maidan.

6. “You are reduced to a Skeleton”

a. Who do ‘You’ refer to?

Ans.: ‘You’ refers to Aruna Asaf Ali.

b. Who said this?
Ans.: Gandhiji said this.

7. “What about me?”

a. Who does ‘Me’ refer to?

Ans.: ‘Me’ refers to Aruna Asaf Ali.

b. What made her to say so?
Ans.: The police came to arrest Asaf Ali. On that time, Aruna asked about her arrest warrant.

8. “Grand old lady of the Independence Movement”

a. Who is referring as ‘Grand old lady’?

Ans.: Aruna Asaf Ali.

b. Why she is call as ‘Grand old lady’?
Ans.: Because she is a fiery leader who plunged head long into politics at a time when the
freedom struggle was raging and the youth’s were laying down their lives for the country’s
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