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Wealth and Values - Class 7 Second Language English Textbook Solutions

 Wealth and Values

 Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Before you read Ladder Game:
The class is divided into two groups. Two ladders are drawn on the blackboard. The students are asked to stand in two lines according to the groups allowed. The keywords are written on the board. The group members start filling up the words that match the keywords in the ladders, the group which completes the ladder with more number of words will be the winner. The group should discuss and answer. Values are qualities which you would like to develop in yourself, as you grow.
Key Words:
Many more words can be used if you know them.
Check your understanding:

C1. Answer each of the following questions in a word a phrase or a sentence.

Question 1.
What is the name of the rich businessmen?
Answer: Mr. Balaji is the name of the rich businessmen.

Question 2.
Who were his sons?
Answer: His sons were Gagan and Rahul.
Question 3.
Who wanted the share in the property?
Answer: Rahul wanted the share in the property

Question 4.
Why did he want his share?
Answer: He wanted to visit places all over the world. He also wanted to be independent and happy.

Question 5.
Why did Rahul feel the need of money again?
Answer: Whatever money he got from his father. He spent it lavishly by leading a luxurious and wasteful life. He visited places all over the world with his friends. When he turned in to a poor man his friends did not wanted to be with him. He was alone and felt the need of money again as he was left with no money.
Question 6.
Rahul was reminded of his_______when he thought of his comfortable life before be left home
a. father
b. brother
c. servants
Choose the right answer
Answer: Rahul was reminded of his servants when thought of his comfortable life before he left home.

Question 7.
What was the decision taken by Rahul?
Answer: Rahul’s father’s friends advised him to go back to his father, so he went back to his father.

Question 8.
Rahul’s father welcomed him _____
a. angrily
b. happily
c. sadly
Answer: Rahul’s father welcomed him happily.
Question 9.
Who was angry with Rahul’s father?
Answer: Rahul’s brother Gagan was angry with his father.

Question 10.
What was the reason for his anger?
Answer: Gagan came to know that his father is celebrating Rahul’s returns by having a feast. He told his father that he had secured and obey his father all these years and the father had never held a feast for him or for his friend.

Question 11.
What do we find in forgiveness?
Answer: When we forgive a person who has realized his mistakes there is happiness and peace.
V1. Fill in the blanks with the words given in brackets:
(foolish, realized, forgiveness, eventually, desperately, embraced, gives.)
1. Rahul eventually turned into a poor man.
2. He realized that even the servants enjoyed better facilities.
3. He wandered about desperately to find a job.
4. Father embraced him joyfully and took him home.
5. Rahul felt sorry for his foolish behaviour.
6. In forgiveness there is happiness and joy.
V2. Write opposites for the Words underlined:
1. Rahul was happy. But his father was unhappy.(sad)
2. His father was rich. But Rahul became a poor man.
3. Rahul was lost. but is now found.
4. Father gives the property which Rahul takes.
5. All his friends becomes his enemies.
V3. Many words have letters that can form different words.
They are ‘hidden words’
Pick out the hidden words from the following words.
One is done for you:
businessmen – bus; sin; men; in
expression – express; press; on
1. always – all, ways
2. enjoy – Joy
3. Share – hare, are
4. independent – in, dependent, depend, end, den, pen, dent
5. away – way
6. desperately – desperate, rate, per, rat, at, ate
7. embraced – embrace, bra, race.
8. servants – van, ant, ants
9. beloved – be, love
10. hears – hear, ear, ears
11. enjoying – enjoy, Joy
12. yourselves – your, our, selves
13. brother – broth, rot, other, the, her
14. forgive – for, or, give
C2. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each:

Question 1.
Why did Rahul want his share in the property?
Answer: Rahul wanted to be independent and happy. He wanted to visit places all over the world with his friends.

Question 2.
How did Rahul spend his money on his friends?
Answer: Rahul spent lavishly and led a luxurious life with his friends. They visit places all over the world. They spend the money wastefully, and extravagantly.

Question 3.
What did Mr. Balaji tell his servants to do, when Rahul returned home?
Answer: Mr. Balaji told his servants to buy the best clothes to Rahul. Decorate his finger with a ring and get good shoes for his feet. Mr. Balaji ordered to prepare a delicious meal to celebrate his son’s return.
Question 4.
What made Gagan talk angrily to his father?
Answer: He came to know from his servants that his father was celebrating Rahul’s return home by holding a feast. He was angry because his father had never held a feast for him or for his friends even though he had served and obeyed his father all these years.

Question 5.
How did Mr. Balaji explain the situation to Gagan?
Answer: Mr. Balaji explained the situation with patience to Gagan. His brother went away and now he has come back, realizing his mistake, they missed him “To err is human; to forgive is divine” There is happiness and peace in forgiveness, so their duty is to forgive and accept him. Gagan understood his father’s explanation and accepted his brother and welcomed him.
C3. Discuss these questions with your partners:

Question 1.
Do you think Rahul’s father was right in welcoming him with pleasure?
Answer: Yes, Rahul’s father was right. We should forgive, because it is a virtue, (valuable).

Question 2.
Speak about the importance of forgiveness.
Answer: Forgiveness is important to lead a happy and peaceful fife. There is no hatred ness, trouble, torture, etc., Forgiveness gives mental peace and brings gratitude, friendship, etc., Forgiveness is a good character, if we forgive, we became valuable.

Question 3.
In your opinion, how important is money?
Answer: Money is important to lead a life. But too much expectation is not correct. We should lead money, but money should not lead us.
S1. Work with your partner. Ask questions – and give answers about the following topics. Take turns to cover all the topics between you two.
One is done for you.

Question 1.
What is a matchstick used for?
Answer: It is used to light candles.
1. bottle: It is used to store Liquid.
2. match stick: It is used to light candles.
3. Toothbrush: It is used to (clean) brush the teeth.
4. pen: It is used to write.
5. chair: It is used to sit.
6. bag: It is used to hold things.
7. lunch box: It is used to fill the lunch.
8. purse: It is used to keep the money.
9. book: It is used to read.
10. table It is used to keep things.
G1. Rewrite the following sentences after looking at the pictures:
B. Change the sentence looking at the picture.
G2. Fill in the blanks with the plural for the words in brackets:
One is done for you.
There were two friends (friend) who lived in a village. Their names (name) were Peter and Mohan. Peter had three cows (cow) that gave milk to the whole village. Mohan had five sheep (Sheep). They took them grazing every day to a nearby forest.
There were many animals (animal) in the forest. Some of them were wolves (wolf) elephant (elephants) bears (bear) rabbits (rabbit) and foxes (fox). The boys were afraid that these animals (animal) would hurt their cows and sheep, (cow and sheep)
G4. Pick out the adjectives and write them in brackets:
One is done for you:
Bangalore is a large city, (large)
1. There is little time for preparation. (little)
{means there is no time}
2. Akbar was a great king. (great)
3. He gave me five mangoes. (five)
4. The foolish crow tried to sing. (foolish)
5. Here are some ripe mangoes. (ripe)
6. He is a helpful policeman. (helpful)
7. This is an expensive ring. (expensive)
8. The sky is deep blue. (deep)
S1. Complete the missing parts in the conversation between Rhea and her mother.
Rhea: Mummy, look at this There is a small duckling.
Mummy: Rhea, take the duckling back to his mother. Its mother will be looking for it. Rhea went out. after a while, she came back and said.
Rhea: Look mummy I found its mother, she will not be sad.
W1. Rearrange each group of words to make a question and a statement:
One is done for you

1. an / is / elephant / big / a animal
Is an elephant a big animal?
Answer: Yes. An elephant is a big animal.

2. that / baby / is giraffe / a
Is that a baby giraffe?
Answer: Yes. That is a baby giraffe.

3. runner / fast / leopard / is / the / a
Is the leopard a fast runner.
Answer: Yes. The leopard is a fast runner.

4. Joey / kangaroo / baby / a / called / is/a
Is Joey called a baby Kangaroo?
Answer: Yes. Joey is called a baby kangaroo.

5. In charge / the / principal / school /of / is/a
Is the Principal in charge of a school?
Answer: Yes. The Principal is the incharge of a school.

6. long queue / bus stop / is / a/ there / at the
Is there a long queue at the bus stop?
Answer: Yes. There is a long queue at the bus stop.

7. below / is / the / there / a / caption / picture
Is there a caption below the picture Yes.
Answer: There is a caption below the picture.
Wealth and Values Summary In English

“Wealth and Values” is the prose given in the form of a skit. The intention of the lesson is to understand the importance of money and values (moral) in life. The main characters of this skit (story) is Mr.Balaji and his two sons Rahul and Gagan, having contrast characters. Mr.Balaji was a rich businessman haying more wealth. Rahul asked Ms to share of the property and took it from his father and went away. He spent that money with his friends layislily. Finally, he turns into a poor man.
He wanders, none of his friends helped him. So he came back to his father’s house. Mr. Balaji felt happy Rahul felt ashamed and asked sorry. His father consoled Mm and accepted Mm. He told to Ms servants to celebrate the occasion. Gagan was irritated by Ms father’s action. But Mr. Balaji convinced that they lost his brother, he came back and realised his mistakes. “To err is human to forgive is divine”. So they should show kindness towards him by forgiving his mistakes. We should forgive because it has happiness’ and peace. Wealth (money) is important to life but values are more important than money. If we have values, we should lead a happy and peaceful life.

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