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The Gymnastic - Class 7 Second Language English Textbook Solutions

The Gymnastic clock

Clock Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Before You Read:
II. Fill up the blanks with the words you have heard:
The little spider
Crawled down the wall
Bv using its Web
So it wouldn’t fall
It crawled to the bottom
And back up again
Then thought to himself
What a fine game
So he called his friends
To join the game
And they played all day
Till night-time came
And when they had finished
They went off to bed
And left all the wall
Covered over in Web

C1. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each:

Question 1.
Name the two characters in the poem.
Answer: The clock and I (poet) are the two characters in the poem

Question 2.
What does the clock tell the speaker each morning?
Answer: The clock reminds the speaker not to forget his daily exercise.

Question 3.
Does the clock stop its exercise any time?
Answer: No, the clock doesn’t stop its exercise.

Question 4.
What similarity do the speaker and the clock share?
Answer: Both the speaker and the clock can swing their arms. And they both exercise daily.

C2. Complete the following:
Make a list of the words that are repeated in the poem.
1. plain
2. I
3. exercise
4. your

C3. Read the poem again and answer the following:

1. “I Exercise like this, all day !”

Question a.
Who is referred to as ‘I’?
Answer: Here ‘I’ is referred to clock.

Question b.
What is the exercise?
Answer: The clock raises its hands above and lowers it very slowly all the day.

Question c.
When does it do it?
Answer: It does it in the morning, (all the time)

2. “Pooh! I wouldn’t boast of it like you”

Question a.
Who is referred to as ‘you’?
Answer: you is referred to clock.

Question b.
What is he boasting about?
Answer: He is boasting about the continuous exercise of his hands above and below.

Question c.
Is there a competition between the one who says this line and the clock?
Answer: Yes, the speaker or poet says the above line in the competitive mood.

Know more about the poem:
Study the words below and pick out rhyming words from the poem, for the words given below:
One is done for you.
me         be
rises  exercises
know  so
you           too
way    day

1. Identify two examples for personification in the poem.
1. It talks as plain as plain can be.
2. And says, each morning as it rises.
Look at the signature of the poet. What does 10/17/21 mean? Discuss with your partner about the difference between the American and the British method of writing the date.
The American method of writing the date is 10/17/21. First month, Day and year But in the British method of writing the date is 17/10/ 21. Here the first day, month and year. In India we follow the British method.

The Gymnastic Clock Summary In English
The poem ‘The Gymnastic Clock’ is written by M.C. Davies. It was a little cock and it was friends with him. It talks to him in a very clear and plain way. Each morning as the poet rises, the clock reminds him not to forget his exercises. The clock makes an example of itself and shows the poet how to exercise. It asks the poet to raise both his hands above his head and then lower them slowly. It cautions him not to get tired and stop exercising. It boasts that it does such exercise all day. The poet feels humiliated and defining himself says to the clock right in its face that he wouldn’t boast like the clock and like it he can also swing his arms around too. So both the clock and the poet look at each other for a long time. Now both the clock and the poet rise up early in the morning and just exercise and exercise. This poem emphasizes that man should always be active and industrious like a clock to stay healthy, wise and strong.

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