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The Bold Pedlar And Robin Hood - Class 9 First Language English Textbook Solutions

The Bold Pedlar And Robin Hood
Comprehension :

C1. Read the poem silently and answer the following questions.
1.) How was the pedlar travelling?
Answer: The pedlar put his pack all on his back and happily trudged over the lea.
2.) Who did the pedlar meet on the road?
Answer: The pedlar met Rohin Hood and little John on the road.
3.) What did the pedlar have in his pack?
Answer: The pedlar had several suits of the gay green silk and two or three silken bowstrings in his pack.
4.) What did Little John want from the pedlar?
Answer: Little John wanted half of the pack from the pedlar.
5.) What did the pedlar boldly claim?
Answer:  The pedlar boldly claimed that no one could have half of his pack and one could only have if he is defeated.
6.) How did the pedlar protect his pack?
Answer: The pedlar protected his pack by pulling off his pack below his knee.
7.) Why did Little John request the pedlar to stop fighting?
Answer: The Little John got tired of fighting so he asked the pedlar to stop fighting.
8.) What challenge did Robin Hood put before Little John?
Answer: Robin Hood challenged Little John by saying that he could defeat both the pedlar and him.
9.) Who won the second fight?
Answer:  The pedlar won the second fight.
10.) What was the pedlar’s identity?      
Answer: The pedlar was the Gamble Gold of the gay green woods. Also he was Robin Hood’s mother’s sister’s son, means he was Robin Hood’s cousin.
C2.) Discuss the following questions in groups and answer.
1.) Who were Robin Hood and Little John? Why did they attack the pedlar?
Answer: Robin Hood and Little John were two troublesome men. They both wanted to have half of the pack of the pedlar.

2.) Describe the struggle between

a) the pedlar and Little John, and the outcome.
Answer:  Little John fought with the pedlar. They both fought very much. They fought until they sweat. But then Little John got tired and requested the pedlar to stop fighting. He gave up.
b) the pedlar and Robin Hood, and the outcome.
Answer: Robin Hood fought with the pedlar till there was blood flowed in the streams. The fight was intense and Robin was arrogant that he could defeat the pedlar. But Robin Hood gave up and couldn’t defeat the pedlar. He requested the pedlar to stop fighting.
3.) Robin Hood calls the pedlar his cousin. How is the fact revealed?
Answer: Robin Hood asked the pedlar who he was. The pedlar told that he was the Gamble Gold of the gay green woods. Also he told him that he was Robin Hood’s mother’s sister’s son, which means he was Robin’s cousin. In this way, Robin Hood called the pedlar his cousin.
4.) Little John and Robin Hood lose to the pedlar. Yet the ballad ends on a happy note. Give reason.
Answer: Both Robin Hood and Little John had fight with the pedlar. Both of them got defeated and realized the strength of the pedlar. When the pedlar’s identity is revealed, then Robin Hood comes to know that he is his cousin. Being the pedlar’s cousin, Robin Hood and the pedlar sheathed their swords and come together happily. They went to traven together and also dined together.
C3.) Answer the following questions.

1.) Little John and Robin Hood are chivalrous men. How do they take their defeat? Was it right to do so? Why?
Answer: Little John and Robin Hood fought with the pedlar and got defeated. But this didn’t make them dejected. They accepted the fact and appreciated the pedlar’s strength. They took their defeat in a positive way. This is the chivalrous way to do after the defeat that they didn’t get angry or reacted in a negative way.

2.) If Robin Hood and Little John had not shown humility, how do you think the ballad would have ended?
Answer: Had Robin Hood and Little John not shown humility the ballad would have ended on a tragic note. The pedlar would have killed both of them with his high strength. There would have been violence.
3.) “The pedlar stands for integrity.” Do you agree with this view? Justify your answer.
Answer: The pedlar doesn’t get scared of both the men. He defeats both of them. He is the symbol of power and strength. He fights courageously. When he reveals his identity , he tells them that he was forced to flee from his country to kill a man who vent in his father’s land. This tells how much he loved his country and his people. He was someone who could do anything for his country.

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