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PHOTOGRAPH - Class 9 First Language English Textbook Solutions

Comprehension :

C1.) Answer the following questions in a sentence or two each:
1.) How many people are there in the photograph?
Answer: There are three people in the photograph.
2.) How is the poet related to the people in the photograph?
Answer: The photograph is of the poet’s mother and his mother’s cousins.
3.) Who was taking the snapshot?
Answer: The poet’s mother’s uncle was taking the snapshot.
4.) Is the mother described in the photo alive?
Answer: No, the mother described in the photo isn’t alive.
5.) Which aspect of the mother does the poet like very much?
Answer: Poet likes laughter of the mother very much.
C2.) Discuss the answers for the following questions with your partner and then write down in your notebook.

1) Why does the writer say
“And of this circumstance
There is nothing to say at all
Its silence silences”?
Answer: The poet feels sad and upset at the loss of the mother and doesn’t have anything to say about. Silence is the only way through which the poet expresses emotions.
2) Does the poet notice any change in the mother after the poet was born? What do you think could have made the change in the mother’s face?
Answer: Yes, the poet does notice the change in the mother’s face. In the photograph she is smiling and happy. After the birth of the poet the face of the mother changed and it might be due to illness or some worry.
3) Why are the feet described “transient feet”?
Answer: The mother and her cousins were standing at a beach so the waves came to the shore so the feet is described as “transient .”
C3. Answer the following questions on your own.

1.) What is the mood of the poet?
Answer: The poet is nostalgic. The poet goes down in the memory lane of the mother’s time and becomes sad for the fact that she is no more.
2.) Which line in the poem do you like the most? Why?
Answer: She’d laugh at the snapshot,
I like the above line from the poem because it tells us how the mother was happy by just looking at the snapshot. She was cheerful and stress free at that time.
3.) Is there any change in the life of the poet’s mother over the years? What kind of a person, you think she was? Describe the mother in the poem do in your own words.
Answer: Over the years, the mother’s life has been changed. In the photograph is a young and carefree girl who lived her life to the fullest. But with the age and responsibilities, she had to change herself and devote herself in the family. She lived her life like a free bird but with the marriage and child, she never had time for herself let alone enjoying things. She seems to be a kind of woman who was once very happy and free but with the responsibilities, she didn’t have for herself.

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